Flick Of The Switch review by AC/DC

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  • Released: Aug 23, 1983
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (61 votes)
AC/DC: Flick Of The Switch

Sound — 9
Raw power and hard rhytms are aces wich made this album special to the AC/DC fans. However, the critics werent very good so the album didn't reach to masses. Problems beetwen Malcom Young and Phill Rudd had that effect that Rudd was fired, but he had finished his recording on the album and Simon Wrigh had replaced him on the Flick of the Switch tour. Fans don't dig Wright, but I personally find AC/DC as a guitaristic music so I don't care who's sitting on the drums. As I said, "Flick Of the Switch" is full of raw tunes and very powerfull and catchy chours, but as a difference from the "Back In Black" (album) and "For Those About To Rock" (album) "Flick Of the Switch" ain't got that pop tunes like "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Let's Get It Up" and so on... Album is just full of hard rock and rock'n'roll riffs and great guitar solos. Angus Young had also showed his powerfull guitar squeeling and his solid-pentatonic rock'n'roll guitar solos. I must add special attention to this songs: The beginning of "Guns For Hire" differs from most of other AC/DC songs with series of fast hammer-ons on A string 7th fret. And I also think that Ang plays some tapping while Mal gives rhytm on his guitar, but its very hard to hear because of production. Anyway great song. Brian shows his balls through screaming vocals witch probably cost him his voice, but "Flick Of the Switch" (song) is tottally worth it. Mal and Ang also showed how they can make great song with only 3 power-chords. Also "Bedlam in Belgium", "Brain Shake", "Rising Power" stand proud to those two mentioned above.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics are all AC/DC standard, same old topics 'bout rock'n'roll, booze and one-night stands with exception "Bedlam In Belgium" wich speak about real adventure in Belgium during "For Those About To Rock" tour. Lyrics are good, but nothing special to mention, maybe just "Landslide" wich I think its a story 'bout Angus I think, or maybe some other rock'n'roll character. I think this is last album on wich Brian shows a great vocal abilities, because the "Fly On The Wall" album has a very bad production and you can't hear vocals very well and on "Blow Up Your Video" he had totally lost his natural voice. On "Flick Of the Switch" (album) he had totally screamed his balls out trough his throat and that had cost him his voice. Best examples are "Flick Of the Switch" (song) were he had that screaming oh-oh's, "Brain Shake" where he scream out high notes on: "she's joy to ride", and "Landslide" where he totally rules with great lyrics and singing among the great guitar riffs and solos.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is maybe most similar to the AC/DC's "Powerage". Both albums are totally undertaded, both don't have anything in common with pop music, so "Flick Of the Switch" could be called Powerage of Brians era. This was the first time that whole band was working on production of the album and whole sound came up very good. Masses may have "Back in Black" (album) but real AC/DC fans will always have "Flick Of the Switch" among with "Powerage" and other great AC/DC albums.

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    This album is a bonafide classic. Tracks like "Landslide" and "Flick of the switch" are just dripping with class, powered by riffs many have tried to aspire to but very few have acheived. Buy this album. Turn up the volume. Enjoy the unadulterated sound of a band on top form. It'll not only get your foot tapping but you're whole body moving like you're having some kind of quasi-epileptic fit! P.S. Morello is god and ultimate-slash dont have a f-ing clue what they're on about. Call THIS album "dissapointing"?? I wonder what you like.. jeessus