Fly On The Wall review by AC/DC

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  • Released: Aug 5, 1985
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (129 votes)
AC/DC: Fly On The Wall

Sound — 9
Fly on wall is a very powerful, raw, in-your-face AC/DC album. Obviously the band wanted to create an album with flare and pounding, catchy riffs, and that's what FOTW is, screw what the critics say, it's a gem of an album. In terms of sheer power and drive this album followed up very well to Flick of the switch, which was electric. Songs such as Shake your foundations and Sink the pink are my two favourite songs of the album because they have killer riffs and excellent guitar work by angus. The songs are catchy and generally, as an AC/DC fan, great to crank up to full volume, and enjoy. I can't unstand why it's critised so much. I thought the video was a bit taccy and rubbishy if I'm honest, and it made the band look like a 2nd rate, part time pub band, though of course in reality they are rock giants. so, I didn't really appreciate the video.

Lyrics — 9
Brian did a great job singing this album, and I remember him saying sometime during the '80s 'we don't give a f--k what the critics say, we just play rock music and that's it'. As always, Brain puts his all into the album, with powerful, raunchy and sometimes funny tounge-in-cheek lines throughtout the album, which is classic AC/DC stuff!

Overall Impression — 9
Overall I thought the album was a gem of like I said before, Simon wright also does a decent job on drums. I liked this better tahn Blow up your video, because it's more powerful. But again, like I mentioned before, I can't understand why lots people think it's crap.

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    Fly on the Wall is a relatively good AC/DC album, I don't understand why some critics see it as their worst album, in fact the riffs are kickass, angus's solos are brilliant, just the only complaint is that you can't hear brian's voice clearly. Best songs are Fly on the Wall, Sink the Pink, First Blood, Danger, Playin with girls, and Stand Up. I've listened to this album a lot more now recently, I really think that it is a good album, not as good as BIB, or FOTS, but still good enough to get you duckwalkin and play air guitar! Go out there and buy this album!
    they should defintely re-record this. I mean the sounds are great its just not produced well
    Fly on the wall is a great album no doubt about it, the only thing that doesn't click is simon wright's drumming, He is didn't have the groove for AC/DC unlike slade and rudd who do have the groove for AC/DC..
    Spartan 117 wrote: Sorry for thumbs-downing your comment, clicked the wrong button why don't people think highly of this record?
    von tratt
    AC/DC rocks!! My favourite band since I was 8 (it is really true) and I'm looking forward to their world tour And btw, Cinderella doesn't suck. It's not AC/DC, but it's a good band.
    FOTW is one of the most under rated albums I've ever seen. So many horribly ignorant people bash this album because it's "sound is horrible" or "everything sounds the same" and stupid ass excuse like that. FOTW had the biggest power and best raw sound they'd ever put out, besides For Those About to Rock. The first time I listened to the first song, I heard the intro riff, and chills went down my spine. The main riff for FOTW screams get up and go crazy with our kick ass rock n' roll. Shake Your Foundations? AY-EE-AY-EE-OOHH! nuff said man. First Blood, the solo kicks your mind's ass. Danger? Awesome squeals. Playing with Girls, down right dirty song right there with a crazy solo to boot. Send for the Man? What a way to end an album. Shit yeah
    DYERS you are a ****ing dumbass. FTATR raw? BWAHAHAHAH the reason they shit-canned Lange is because he over produced that album. FOTW's production is shit. It's not raw at all, it's just as over produced as the Mutt Lange stuff, its just poorly over produced. Look at Flick of the Switch or Powerage. THOSE are ****ing raw AC/DC albums.
    Pretty good cd, although singing not loud enough and songs starting to sound the same after a while, but still headbanging :headbang: