High Voltage review by AC/DC

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  • Released: Jul 5, 1994
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (56 votes)
AC/DC: High Voltage

Sound — 10
AC/DC knew what sound they wanted from the very beggining. An agressive onslaught of high voltage rock 'n roll. This is one of the records that inspired me to pick up the guitar. One thing that I think is amazing and pioneering to the shape of this record (and rock) is the introduction of the one-handed maestro Angus Young. He can definitly do it all, you probably know. But in his earliest stage of recording, you just wonder how he gets that searing tone out of his SG and how he's better than you at 18 when your 40 and have been playing since you were 12. Another introduction that's important to the record and rock alike is the rock solid foundation that is Malcolm Young. Easily the best guitarist to live. Yes he is better than Angus. Just listen to the record again and try to disagree with me. Bon's whisky soaked voice along with the constant beat of Phil Rudd's drums. The hardly heard of bassist Mark Evans provides, what else but early AC/DC bass notes (even though George Young played bass on some of the songs until they found a permanent posistion holder). No pedals or stupid tunings. Just the way good rock 'n roll should be like.

Lyrics — 10
Overall, lyrics are great and they really go hand and hand with the guitars. Bon has to be the best frontman ever. He can deliver any line in any way he wants to and it'll sound awesome. Here the tracks and my thoughts on them. 01. Baby, Please Don't Go - written by one of the bands big inspirations. That guy is Joe Williams. The guitar solo section is introduced with one of Angus's one handed licks. When Bon screams something, Angus screams it back in a launguage all his own. 02. She's Got Balls - this is one mean riff with lyrics dedicated to Bon's wife. She asked him to write a song about her, heard this and filed a divorce. 03. Little Lover - another Bon to wife song. Since She's Got Balls was before this one on the record, she apparently never heard this gentler side of Bon. 04. Stick Around - a track that has nothing much to say except that it's a solid song that was sadly never released in the US. 05. Soul Stripper - a song that was the half-way part of the record that showed how both Angus and Malcolm could rip. They traded solos back and forth until Bon told one of his (soon to be many) infamous love partner stories. 06. You Ain't Got A Hold On Me - can't really tell you what I know this song is about a girl that forces Bon into doing whatever she wants kind of like Soul Stripper. 07. Love Song - I'd disagree on this being a wimpy power ballad. It is actuley great instrumentaly. The intro has Angus tapping a bit. Now this is not Eddie Van Halen (the first Van Halen album was released in 1978) It is classical inspired. Vocal wise, it sounds like Bon really loved his wife (or his girlfriend he probably met 5 minutes after the divorce). 08. Show Buisness - wow! Lyrics that are kind of repetitive but still satisfying at the same time. Absoultly great with 3 guitar solos.

Overall Impression — 10
This is easily one of my favorite albums AC/DC made. Easily up there with Let There Be Rock, Powerage, Fly On The Wall and Stiff Upper Lip. (yes, I love Fly On The Wall) I love every song on this record. Ecspecially Baby, Please Don't Go. I love the basic rock 'n roll/blues compositions. With no effect devices, it makes the band sound more impressive. Nothing to hate about this album except for one thing. It is not sold in the US. I was lucky and got this and TNT for $9 each. If this was stolen, which it won't be since I don't take it outside the house, I would definitley search and hunt down this treasure.

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    Spartan 117
    i'm gonna do a TNT review too but since the UG team is gay they'l post it in here
    um... who ever said ac/dc is heavy metal should stop. they are just rock/blues/hard. i loved this cd to DEATH! i shunned out everyother album/band/songs just cuz of this cd!