Highway to Hell review by AC/DC

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  • Released: Nov 8, 1979
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (188 votes)
AC/DC: Highway to Hell

Sound — 10
AC/DC is easily the hardest hard-rock band on earth, there's no denying it. The one thing that justifies my statement is their sound. Very hard guitar, which compliments Bon's voice well. The sound of his voice is just raspy enough where it fits the balls-to-the-wall sound of AC/DC. My highlights vocally on the album are Highway To Hell, Girls Got Rhythm, and Shot down In Flames. Night Prowler is also showing some skill in Bon's voice as well. Angus and his SG are at his best here, Brilliant solos, Best riffs out of any album, Girls Got Rhythm is my favorite Angus riff of all time. There's no denying it. Don't even wanna go into the drums, it's pretty self explanatory.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics are BRILLIANT here. This is a breakdown of the songs, even though all of them have amazing lyrics. 01. Highway To Hell: great, memorable lyrics, best song lyrically. 02. Girls Got Rhythm: you know what it's about. What I like about AC/DC is the simplicity of their lyrics, and it shows here. 03. Walk All Over You: good lyrics, once again simple, but not showing much creativity. 04. Touch Too Much: jeez, when isn't there an AC/DC song about sex? Great lyrics, compliments angus's guitar 05. Beating Around The Bush: Not great lyrics, but the vocals are good. 06. Shot Down In Flames: amazing lyrics, a vocal highlight. 07. Get It Hot: another good vocal performance, like his voice especially in this one. 08. If You Want Blood (You Got It): the best lyrics on the album. Simple as that. 09. Love Hungry Man: the only song I really didn't like. The lyrics sound a bit recycled. 10. Night Prowler: not great lyrics, but an amazing job at vocals. Bon is one of the greatest singers of hard rock. He's probly up there rocking with Jimi hendrix, John Bonham, and John Entwistle.

Overall Impression — 9
01. Highway To Hell: best song on the album by far, this song is a great opener, the guitar solo is the most simple yet, but the most amazing on the album. An easy chords song to learn. 10/10 02. Girls Got Rhythm: another AC/DC Classic, when you hear this on the radio, it makes you just wanna blare it and dance around. Sounds like it could've been on Let There Be Rock, but I'm sure happier it was on this. 9.5/10 03. Walk All Over You: not well known, but it has good guitar. The song is a good listen once in a while. 7.5/10 04. Touch Too Much: strictly for AC/DC fans, and no, you're not one if your favorite song is back in black. This song has amazing guitar, a memorable song. 8.5/10 05. Beating Around The Bush: just a filler, not much to say about it, another recycled riff. Song meaning is pretty self-explanatory. 7/10 06. Shot Down In Flames: 2nd best on the album, and wow does it hit you. This has the best guitar of all the album hands-down. No question about it. If you want to escape from the mainstream AC/DC but still want something just as hard, this is the way to go. 10/10 07. Get It Hot: a catchy tune, not very memorable. While the vocals are good, they stick out like a sore thumb. Not meaning that they're overpowering, but just a poor performance from the rest of the band. 7.5/10 08. If You Want Blood (You Got It): instant classic, the first time I heard this was on Talladega Nights, and I knew right away I had to have this album. Amazing lyrics, one of the most catchy riffs, but hey, that's AC/DC. Guitar solo is memorable, Bon is my hero in this song. 9.5/10 09. Love Hungry Man: boo...worst song on the album. Like I said eariler, vocals sound a bit recycled. 7/10 10. Night Prowler: a favorite among real AC/DC fans, but still not memorable. Lyrics are nothing special, but the vocals are to die for. 8/10 Highlights of this album are: Highway To Hell Girls Got Rhythm Shot Down In Flames If You Want Blood (You Got It) Overall, there is no way anyone can hate this album. It's pure AC/DC, and Bon went with his head held high. Nothing to hate about it, except some lyrics could've been better. The guitar is also at it's best here. Angus has never banged on the strings better.Shot Down In Flames is amazing live. If I ever lose this album, I will buy 7 more copies just to make sure it never gets out of my grasp.

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