Let There Be Rock [DVD] review by AC/DC

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  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (3 votes)
AC/DC: Let There Be Rock [DVD]

Sound — 10
Of course AC/DC is most well known for their classic hard rock sound. The band's sound is a kind of crisp and clean distortion. Thanks to Gibson and Marshall for giving Angus Young (lead guitarist) an amazing tone. In my opinion Brian Johnson (current Lead singer), who took Bon Scott's ('74-'80 lead singer) place, is a better fit for the band's rough sound. But both lead singers deliver exceptional performances. These are the best recordings of AC/DC's best songs.

Content — 10
This DVD features the best of AC/DC. Need I say more? It's interesting to see the evolution from the album "74 Jailbreak" to "Stiff Upper Lip." As far as the songs included in the Family Jewels collection, I am definitely satisfied. 40 songs are included in this DVD. And each of them are awesome, thanks to the spectacular showmanship of Angus for making it so entertaining. The only bonus feature is a display of all the AC/DC recordings, and it does not feature the commentary with it that the Live At Donnington DVD featured. It's still not enough to take away from the amazing content featured in the main presentation of AC/DC's Family Jewels collection. Beacause of the massive music collection, I give the content a 10.

Production Quality — 8
The production quality of this collection is pretty good, the newer the videos the better. The first few are lacking a little. The only one that stood out as not being that great of quality, was "Show Buisness." The sound was simply not up to par on that song. But overall the production quality is pretty good. The things that make it special was dumping millions of "Angus Bucks" into the crowd, the awesome camera angles in Thunderstruck, and the digitally reamastered sound. Those are the things that make it special, and not your adverage band's DVD. But then again AC/DC isn't your adverage band.

Overall Impression — 10
I proclaim this the best AC/DC DVD availible. And that means alot, because I own them all. I simply love this Collection. And it is an instant classic in my mind. The 40 recordings are all great, and I can't even begin to choose which one I like best. I recomend this DVD to all who like ac/dc, or just some good old classic rock. This DVD doesn't fail deliver the goods. If it were stolen from me I would definitely buy it again. Overall I beleive this DVD deserves a 10 out of 10.

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    Spartan 117
    i love this dvd. i think the holland perfromance is actually from if you want blood you got it, eccept for fling thing/rocker
    Spartan 117
    wait a minute that is the same version of rocker. they just severley edited it on if you want blood n for some reason the opening g chord in fling thing is right before rock n roll damnation