Plug Me In [DVD] review by AC/DC

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  • Released: Oct 16, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (37 votes)
AC/DC: Plug Me In [DVD]

Sound — 9
AC/DC, Personally My favorite band lets out the unseen. In this Fully Jam Packed DVD you get Great Sound, ecsoecially with My sorround sound at my house. I few of the clips have some very old footage even black and white and that sound is a bit hard to hear(and see) over the crowd and etc. When I bought my AC/DC Plug Me In, it came with a bonus 5-track CD. Most of the footage has never been seen before on tape with editing. It is a great DVD(s) with a nice compact sound.

Content — 9
The DVD also comes with exclusive interviews from old TV shows and other things like that, It has most of AC/DC's classic hit songs but just watching it is great! Most of the songs are live from old(and when I say old, I mean it) concerts. So long ago that angus's hair was only about down to his ears. I am very proud of my desicion on buying this wonderful 2-disc DVD set!

Production Quality — 8
There are not many effects in the video. you can tell that theyare recorded with old cameras and you can see the crowd's heads right in ffont of the camera. This isnt nessacarly a bad thing though, because it gives it that "old" look, kinda like the first time stuff, ya know it makes it look "cool". It has pretty good wuality, therefore they edited the video and also told you what song would be playing, where and also when.

Overall Impression — 10
I love this DVD set so much, that if someone took it, I would hunt them down with a shotgun. I personally think this is about 20 times better than the Family Jewels DVD set. This even has the "Bonn" years and the "Brian" years. It is very funny when you watch it the first time around, and when it goes to the main menu, angus is doing the duck walk across like a pinball machine. It is kind of like a video game with angus shooting the power of rock at things. then you can choose a song you would like it to go to etc. it's got all the basics of an acdc dvd, but better.

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    This is a bit better than Live At DOnnington. I have the colectors edition and it comes with back stage passes and tickets and junk. But you definately gotta buy it. High Voltage and For Those About To Rock(Tushino Airfield) are so awesome. It also has some recent stuff like Stiff Upper Lip and Ballbreaker. But the only dissapointment is they don't have Big Balls!
    aguynamedlarry wrote: conman5895 wrote: hpoe this is better than the family jewels because that didnt have songs on the ballbreaker and siff upper lip albums Those had to be the 2 worst albums I've ever heard from a band as good as AC/DC. They were just abismal.
    Erm, i'd think i have to strongly disagree wiv u ther m8, ther both beta than fly on the wall and blow up your video!
    No Blow up your vid was Ok but its Fly on the wall ann Flick of the Switch, the Two thatwere self produced
    this is good. rly like see'n Bon Scott as im way to young to ever have seen him in concert but im see'n them in january in Toronto, cant wait!! BEST BAND OF ALL TIME!!!!!
    ozzy102691 wrote: aguynamedlarry wrote: conman5895 wrote: hpoe this is better than the family jewels because that didnt have songs on the ballbreaker and siff upper lip albums Those had to be the 2 worst albums I've ever heard from AC/DC. They were just abismal. st.anger....
    last time i checked st. anger wasnt by AC/DC
    My favorite cd/dvd that I own by AcDc, I own every album, family jewels, no bull, live at donnington, stiff upper lip live, and plug me in this is by far my favorite
    this has to be my all time favourite band DVD! i love the AC/DC sound. its great that on this you get to hear examples from both the bon scott era and the brian johnson era. my favourite one out of all of them has to be rocker live with bon scott. phill rudd, cliff williams and malcolm young, in the background, at the heart of the music, bon scott singing and wayling, and angus young running up and down the stage, tapping his feet to the beat of the music, dressed in his school boy out fit. after angus' amazing rocket fuelled solo, he exits the stage. moments later he appears with the audience in the audatorium. the whole band, still on the stage, keeping a steady pace behind angus' improvised solos. he comes up to random people in the audience, sitting on their laps. suddenly a mimic of angus appears in the audience following him about. angus then stands on the edge of the higher tier of the audatorium, acting like a maniac, a sheer drop just below him. what a performance, what a band!!!