Witchtanic Hellucinations review by Acid Witch

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.7 (13 votes)
Acid Witch: Witchtanic Hellucinations

Sound — 9
Acid Witch are a Psychedelic Doom/Death Metal band from Michigan America that formed in 2007. Witchtanic Hellucinations is the bands debut album that was released in 2008 on well respected underground label Razorback Records. It contains 13 reeking acid chugging doom metal tracks that are: 01. Intro 02. Into the Cave 03. Swamp Spells 04. Witchblood Cult 05. The Black Witch 06. Witchtanic Hellucinations 07. Beastly Brew 08. Cauldron Cave 09. Rabid Werewitch 10. Realm Of The Wicked 11. Witches Tits 12. Broomstick Bitch 13. October 31st The Line Up On This Album: Lasse-Drums Shagrat-Vocals Dave-Guitars (Im not really sure on the line up, but im pretty sure this is right) On The bands myspace it says that: "Witchtanic Hellucinations" is 13 terrible tales of dark and heavy as f--k DOOM METAL brewing from the unspeakable hag's psychedelic cauldron of death! A true melting pot of twisted Death Metal riffs swarming with tripped out leads, demonic-death growls from hell, and a cackling corpse-full of catchy song writing that will warp your mind until you pass out from the fumes of cursed Witch-smoke! Behold the swamp spells and the cult of bloodthirsty Witchwolves as they devour your soul! The ACID WITCH is born...let the Death-Trip begin!" I think there pretty accurate in that one! This is really heavy stuff, The Guitars have a real nice sound to them they sound fuzzy and psychedelic and most of all very heavy! its slow doomy and trippy psychedelic chaos! there's really no fast bits on the album just slow chugging to medium speed doom metal. Occasionally the drums have a fast double bass bits, that go along well with the chugging guitars. There's really not much known about Acid Witch so I can't really tell you much but to check this out if you ever wondered what Black Sabbath would sound like if they were death metal and smoked a lot of weed and watched horror movies all the time!

Lyrics — 8
The Vocalist Shagrat usually just uses a death growl pretty much with some high witch scream like vocals.The only flaw with his vocals are that sometimes that can make a high hissing sound, which can really go through your ears, but other than that there pretty awesome! The lyrics pretty much are about witches, cult, spells, magic and everything like that Here are some of the lyrics to the song "The Black Witch" "Salem 1962 Where 20 Witches Hanged Sleepy Village Gripped By Satan The Devils Holding Sway Tituba, The Black Witch Slave of The Night Possessing The Minds of the Puritan White Casting Her Spells of African Learned in the Rites Voodoo of the Ancient Macumba... The Reverends Daughters Howled and Spit" That's what Acid Witch sing about they also have a load of other really cool lyrics go check them out if these appeal to you! :)

Overall Impression — 9
Acid Witch are a great for any lovers of doom/death metal to check out. Particularly if you've always wondered what death metal would sound like with really psychedelic tripped out leads, really brilliant stuff. Listen at your own risk! Thanks For Reading. Visit the bands myspace.

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    A very amusing album... when stoned. But being that these guys are fellow Michiganders, I'm sure they're flying high all the time.
    p o e
    The names of all of the songs, the band name, and the album title made me spew my drink on my laptop.
    Oh my, what a frigid bunch do we have here! :p I like this album. I has many a memorable riff, cool leads and funny lyrics.
    Boring. Badly recorded. Lyrics are stupid. And thats the most unimaginative album title since.. well, never, I cant really think of anything so bad. That said though, at least they used a flanger. Only Machine Head use flangers these days.
    Ktool The Girth
    Everything about this band just sounds incredibly stupid. Its amazing anyone can take death metal seriously.