Kill The Headlights review by Adema

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  • Released: Jun 26, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.4 (50 votes)
Adema: Kill The Headlights

Sound — 10
Adema comes out with a CD of a slightly different flavor- they've remained constant with their feel of hard/alternative rock but there is a new element of "electronic" sounds (if I can use the word in this context). The songs are overall more polished than those of their previous albums- it's apparent that they spent more time finding sounds and patterns that go well together to make the song flow well throughout. I was very impressed with the more professional feel of the sound of the music. It would be difficult for me to tell you what the music sounds like or who similar artists are- the previous reviewers tried, and failed terribly. Adema has a really unique sound. I would venture to say, so long as I'm obligated in a review to attempt to help you relate to the songs on the album without actually hearing it, I would say that Adema shared musical similarities with Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory- the big difference between the two is that Linkin Park gave in to the rap/pop genre while Adema kept the original feel that defined them and then polished it up.. If this isn't too vague.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics on this album were good but did not impress me that much. Even though Adema is one of my favorite bands, and has been from the start, I'm going to have to rate them lower than I want to for this category on this album. To be fair, however, I really like the lyrics for a couple of the songs - let me break it down for you by providing some specific examples. Days Go By: I really like this song and the lyrics- but as always, it helps to be able to personally relate. You know when you get stuck in a rut- working a lot of overtime, waking up after a really hard semester, from when the days seem to be a blur? "Days go by... I just can't keep track of the time." Know what I mean? All These Years: fantastic song. Fantastic lyrics. This one brings the average up, considering the lyrical value of some of the other songs. Brand New Thing: good message, great sound, great song overall. Invisible: here's one with which I have a little complaint. Excellent sound quality, great vocals, but I get the hint that different themes/messages are trying to come together, but just can't. Sounds like a song about a girl, or maybe about a search for personal identity but it's never really clear what they're trying to say to us. Los Angeles: impeccable sound, but with little lyrical value. It seems to be a little hit-and-miss with the lyrical content of the songs on their album. Overall they are good, and where content is lacking, the professional sound quality sweeps me away anyway.

Overall Impression — 9
To sum it up, this album is a great new feel for Adema. Some diehard fans might object to the different path Adema has taken with this album, but I consider myself to be one and I think it's a refreshing change. Adema has been through a couple lead singers before- the first two were very talented and in my opinion, very similar. This lead's voice just belongs to different songs, if you know what I mean. He has an incredibly talented voice- I really like when it sounds like he's running low on air and rips out a casual vibrato, and he adds other little personal quirks to the songs- all of which I like. I think that this album makes for some pleasant foreshadowing for a great album to come. This lead has taken the band in a new direction- this means to me that by the time their next album comes out, they'll really have their stuff together. I eagerly await their next album. If you want to try the album out on iTunes by buying a song or two, definitely get the songs "All These Years" and "Brand New Thing" and/or "Days Go By".. I really like that last one.

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    i love this album, but wouldnt at all call it punk. i heard a solid rock tone that was less brutal than their early work, but a big improvement from Planets. i think this is excellent stuff for having just gone through ANOTHER lineup change.
    they are not punk at all they were originally Nu-metal on their first LP their second was still Nu-metal however not as heavy and including melodic songs like So Fortunate & Promises their third cd was more hard rock oriented and their newest one is hard rock/metal
    rberg79 wrote: Review #1 sucked. Here's why. -Adema for me was one of the first punk/grudge rock bands to meet my ears. Adema is not punk or grudge rock. Comparing them to red jump suit apparatus, blink 182, and sum 41 is not appropriate. The second review was accurate and the reviewer obviously put some thought into it.
    couldnt have said it better myself.
    Am i the only one who trully likes all Adema's albums?!?!?!?! oh well marky is back!!! YAI!
    haha i became the second reviewer after I submitted my opinion.. funny stuff =)
    I bought this cd and no screaming is in it at all but it is great. Id get it for All These Years
    madoc stone
    I haven't been on here for quite some time and I just read all of these comments. To the people that insult me, I don't really care what you think. I'm not too worried about my spelling or the fact that I classified this band in a genre that you don't believe is correct. Either way, it clearly states at the top that I put it as "Post-Grunge", not "Punk". I played an Adema cd on the Windows Media Player and they called it "Pop".lol. Everybody's view is different. I know this goes against what most of these comments were saying, but I think Planets is the best cd. I loved how changed their sound. That takes a lot of courage to change your sound up when you know everybody else likes it. I personally think that the first singer was horrible. I thought he was trying too hard to sound like his brother. I also think that he couldn't write worth a damn. Quote: "You keep trippin' on everything I wear, everytime I swear, even when it comes to my hair".lol. I think the second singer seemed to have much more heart. My band opened up for them a couple months ago. They had they're original singer back and I gotta say....HE SUCKS live! I would have loved to have seen them with the second or the third singer. But, to each his own.