Planets review by Adema

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  • Released: Apr 5, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.7 (67 votes)
Adema: Planets

Sound — 9
First of all someone needs to write a decently opinioned review. The lineup in Adema had changed drastically since their first 3 albums. They went from playing as nu-metal quintet, to a single guitar grungy/alternative quartet (post-grunge is not a genre either you're grunge or not). I believe it was the better move. Tim Fluckey shows that he has some good 7-string guitar skills. He's not as innovating as Korn, or as technical as Jeff Loomis (Nevermore). Nevertheless he shreds on some songs plays nice strumming acoustic and clean riffs and plays nice grungy-distorted riffs. Dave Deroo is a very talented, unknown bass player who fills a very good backbone to the 2 other musicians and even does his nice share of fills in this album and he can also be heard on this album unlike most bassists. Kris Kohls is too, a very underrated drummer. He plays nice fills and gets a good drum sound. The production on this album is solid as well.

Lyrics — 8
This is the major change in the band around this time. Mark Chavez had a piercing yet very emotional nu-metal voice. He is replaced in this album by Luke Caraccioli who has a gentle yet fits just right for the music voice. The lyrics here sometimes don't make any sense, there are songs that get their message out loud and clear. Many of them seem to be dealing with personal life, whether it is with addiction, bad relationships or love.

Overall Impression — 9
To me, this is Adema's best effort. Not a great album but it is one of the better alternative albums of this decade, which is plagued with crappy pop and emo-punk bands. I wish this album would've been more of a success but the serious Adema fan can treasure this all on his own. The best song is 'Tornado'. Other good songs are 'Barricades In Time', 'Shoot The Arrows', 'Until Now', 'Rise Above' the ripping guitar solo on 'Vikraphone' and a few others. One of the songs to avoid on this album is definitely 'Enter the Cage' which is just stupid. The cover of Metallica's 'Thing That Should Not Be' is alright. I this album was lost or stolen I would get it again, but then again I have it on my I-Pod already.

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    madoc stone
    I honestly think that this is my favorite Adema cd. When they had their original singer, they sounded like Korn wannabes. But in this cd, they're completely their own band. Plus this singer has a much better voice than the first. So he doesn't scream alot. Who CARES!! I think they all kicked some serious ass in this cd and I agree with MAGGOTKILLER, that whoever reviewed this cd DOES have a very shallow taste in music, because this cd is very well put together and much more complex than their previous stuff. If you don't like the cd, that's fine, but don't bad mouth it just because John Davis's half brother is a member anymore.