Topple The Giants review by Adema

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  • Released: Apr 2, 2013
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (23 votes)
Adema: Topple The Giants

Sound — 9
Adema are an alternative rock band who first emerged from California back in 1998. They soon gathered a massive following nationwide, following the release of their eponymous debut album in 2001, which spawned multiple radio chart toppers, such as "The Way You Like It", "Freaking Out", and "Giving In". The band would go on to release three supplemental studio albums up until 2007, but since then little has been heard from the formerly renowned rock group. Now, following multiple lineup changes, Adema mark their return to the music scene with their new EP, "Topple The Giants". The disc is kicked off with "Resolution", which slowly picks up with a quiet repetitive guitar riff, and then kicks into full gear with a massive scream from recently appointed lead vocalist Tim Fluckey (who was originally the band's guitarist), and is soon backed by some rambunctious guitar playing and thunderous percussion work. From there out, we have two more new studio recordings, and then the band's take on four classic tracks from throughout the band's existing catalogue, such as "Planets" and "Immortal"; that when backed by this new lineup are close to topping the original studio versions. For the most part, it's a fantastic release, considering it's their first work in over 6 years, and the first release with a new lineup.

Lyrics — 9
Guitarist-turned-lead-vocalist Tim Fluckey was the major "what-if" when it came to this new release. When it comes to a band's first album of new material in such a long period of time, most fans naturally have doubts about whether or not it will stand up with the rest of the material in the band's catalogue, and normally begin to take stabs at possible weak points. Tim's upgrade in status within Adema was one of those possible weak points, and even had me making opinions about "Topple The Giants" without even listening to the material. But when his angst soaked scream rang through my ears right after popping in the new CD, my opinion instantly changed for the better. Surprisingly there isn't too much of a difference between original frontman Mark Chavez and Tim vocally, which allows the new material to absolutely triumph, and the band's new renditions to maintain a familiar feel.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, "Topple The Giants" is an incredible return-to-form for Adema. The big surprise on this album was Tim Fluckey, who completely dominates when it comes to his vocals, and he was the factor that drives this EP over the top and well beyond. Any established fan will be able to appreciate the new revisions on the four classics included alongside the new material, and I personally feel any fan of alternative rock should have no problem passionately enjoying this release as much as I have.

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    can we all just sit back and admire how awful the album art is? music aside.. that might be worse than that old Pantera album Metal Magic
    I worked a show last September/October where we were setting up sound for a bar for this band. By the time they hit the stage, there was only about 3 people actually standing up wanting to listen to the band and maybe less than 25 people together in the bar (just think of that one scene in The Story of Anvil where they are in Czect.)Fine music and nice people, but damn, that was pretty sad.
    While the reviewer seems to talk a lot about the vocals being good I can say that the vocals flat out suck. There is a serious lack of emotion in this music. In absolutely no way does this CD deserve a 9. I'd say a 5 honestly. I'm surprised and incredibly disappointed that this is a review that is featured by the Ultimate-guitar team.
    Slightly reminiscent of Lulu. AKA bad. Thank you for bringing back those horrible memories.
    Haven't heard it yet but I really liked everything they have done over the years...But this cover is AWFUL its like it was made in paint.
    Yeah Tim isn't the greatest vocalist, but he is a much better than Mark Chavez. Chavez's lyrics were repetitive and usually, uninspired. I'm glad to see the band has got their act together and decided to release some new material, looking forward to hearing from them in the future. Also, that album cover is pretty damn bad, but funny bad.
    Am I the only person who thinks that Planets was their best release and that they sounded best with Luke Caraccioli? The title track of that record is amazing.
    It sounds more like they're trying to sound more like the self titled/unstable. I thought Mark Chavez was a pretty decent vocalist, even if his lyrics weren't ground breaking. But I prefer this to Kill the Headlights.