Aerosmith review by Aerosmith

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  • Released: Dec 31, 1972
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 9 (23 votes)
Aerosmith: Aerosmith

Sound — 7
The sound on this album seems "pushed," as Joe Perry said in the Aerosmith biography. It was the band's first studio recording and they were all nervous, so, therefore, they did not play very smoothly. However, I did not notice this until I read it in the biography. The only thing that I did notice was that Steven Tyler's voice was very different. Tyler said that he did not like his original voice, so he sang differently on every song but "Dream On." The album has a lot of blues-style songs on it and some neat little riffs, such as on "Somebody" and "Write Me A Letter."

Lyrics — 7
The lyrcis on this album are all very solid. The first song "Make It" has excellent opening lyrics for the album, "Good evenin' people, welcome to the show,"you have the inspiring and beautiful lyrics to the hit "Dream On," then you have your bluesy lyrics to "One Way Street," "Write Me A Letter" and "Movin' Out." As I have said, Tyler changed his voice, so it doesn't sound the real Steven.

Overall Impression — 8
This album would be on the lower half of Aerosmith's LPs, although that does not mean it was a bad album. For a first release, it sounds very solid. It may only have one hit song ("Dream On,") but it has a few songs that sound just as great, such as "Write Me A Letter," and "Walkin' the Dog." I love all of the blues they incoporated into this, but I do not like Steven's voice that much. To anyone who has listened to a whole album of Aerosmith, it would definetely annoy them. Also, in case you'd like to know, if this album broke or got lost, I would definetely purchase it again, but that is just because I collect Aerosmith albums.

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    rocknroll jesus
    aerosmith is the very band that got me into rock n' roll. i'm wasn't born in time to see them in there prime. they are great live and steven tyler has a voice like no other. besides led zeppelin, more ppl are addicted to this band than any other.
    This is an honest rock and roll album. Very raw yet polish at the same time. This is went the band was hungry. It's the Aerosmith before they turned to outside songwriters and other musicians, including non-credited guitarists, to add to "their" later albums.