Just Push Play review by Aerosmith

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  • Released: Mar 6, 2001
  • Sound: 2
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.4 (25 votes)
Aerosmith: Just Push Play

Sound — 2
This is the worst album Aerosmith ever released. I hated this album so much, almost all the way through. As far as the sound goes for this album, it seems like they tried desperately to to reach new fans. So desperately that they completely trampled everything that Aerosmith was about. The guitars, drums and everything are loaded down with effects to the point where it can barely be considered a rock album. If you put this on a turntable next to "Toys in the attic" or "Night in the Ruts" you would not think it was the same band.

Lyrics — 4
The lyrics are slightly creative, but for the most part, still suck. It looks to me like this was more of a Steven Tyler solo album. The rest of the band does not get very sufficient parts. Tyler is almost the only one who's glowing. Half of these songs sound like Steven Tyler attempting rap. There are even excessive effects used on the vocal tracks themselves, just like a rap or pop album. The only half decent song from this record is "Fly away from here" and that is only because of a good vocal performance. Songs like "Just push play" and "Outta your head" will make you cringe when you remember that you're listening to an Aerosmith record.

Overall Impression — 3
All in all, this album is horrible. I hate Aerosmith for creating this record, and I am shocked that some Aerosmith fans actually enjoyed it. At no point at all does this record reference its classic rock roots. There is hardly a difference between this, and a mother-loving Jonas Brothers record. Like I said before, the only song I partially enjoyed was "Fly away from here", and even that was a semi-decent song. If they started playing these songs at an Aerosmith concert, I would leave the arena. When I bought this album, I returned it in exchange for something else within the day. Don't bother buying or even listening to it.

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    WORST Aerosmith album ever! Nine Lives was not that great either. but this is when the boys let me down. I'm so glad honkin' on bobo covered the fact this album exist!