Just Push Play Review

artist: Aerosmith date: 03/22/2015 category: compact discs
Aerosmith: Just Push Play
Release Date: Mar 6, 2001
Genres: Pop Rock, Hard Rock
Label: Columbia
Number Of Tracks: 12
Mailed-in lyrics and a few self-conscious nods to the times mar "Just Push Play," but the pleasures to be had here overwhelm the album's deficiencies.
 Sound: 6.8
 Lyrics: 6.6
 Overall Impression: 6.8
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overall: 7.7
Just Push Play Reviewed by: rmr024, on october 18, 2005
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Sound: Wow this album rocks! I have been an Aerosmith fan for a long time. This album has a little bit more of a funky, more modern style to it, rather than their usual classic rock sound, (probably influenced by Steven Tyler) but it's still great! The title track rocks! A lot of cool voice effects especially on "Drop Dead Gorgous." Overall I'd give the sound an 8 just because some of the songs sound like the band tried a little too hard to sound "contemporary," and could have been great with out the crazy effects. Joe Perry, my favorite part of the band, has a lot of cool riffs and all but he needs to solo more! // 8

Lyrics: This is an area where a few of the songs disappointed me. I'd say the song with the best lyrics is definetly "Fly Away From Here." I love that song. Another song that I love the lyrics/singing to, is "Drop Dead Gorgous" (which is my favorite track on the album). Some of the songs I was really disappointed with lyrically, were "Outta Your Head," "Trip Hoppin'" and worst of all, "Luv Lies." I hate this song because of the lyrics. They don't flow at all - "When you're with your best friend's friend..." I have to give lyrics a 7 because I know Steven could have come up with some much better lyrics. Steven is a very talented singer/lyracist. // 7

Overall Impression: I really don't think it compares to their other albums just because I love their older stuff. But I do think they did a very good job sounding "contemporary" but maintaining that awesome Aerosmith sound. The most impressive songs on the album are "Fly Away From Here," "Drop Dead Gorgous" and "Jaded." If this album was lost of course I would buy it again. It is a very good album. Do not buy it as your first Aerosmith album or you will get the wrong impression on Aerosmith. Even if you like the impression, I would highly recommend listening to their older material. I think either "Aerosmith," or "Get Your Wings" would be your best choices as a first album. I give this album an 8 out of 10 because it is awesome but not their best! // 8

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overall: 6.3
Just Push Play Reviewed by: stratomaiden, on march 22, 2015
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Sound: Okay, so this album was released a good 14 years ago... 2001. My God I like Aerosmith, but seriously this album was just a disappointment. (It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't up to standards of their previous work) I wouldn't call this album a creation of a different sound, because it reminds me of the "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" direction combined with "Nine Lives" (1997).

On "JPP," they have a couple of cool songs, way different than their debut and I don't think it would be fair for me to compare "JPP" to their debut because they seem like complete different genres. Well if you only like Aerosmith's early albums, go buy them (I know they were stellar) but seriously it would make sense for me to compare this to "NL" and "Pump" or anything that was recent.


"Sunshine," the first single reminds me of European dance ballads crossed with late 1990s alt rock. This is atrocious. Tyler's voice sounds whiny and annoying. There isn't anything enjoyable about this track IMO, but I can see why some people like it. The sound is radio friendly and it makes sense for Aerosmith to record a song like this because this was the time of the reemergence of bubblegum pop music, i.e. Britney Spears, etc. However, the song did not chart in any major pop charts.

"Just Push Play" - this song is fun and has a lot of double entendres. I wouldn't call it as serious song but it all honesty it is pretty fun to try to make out the lyrics of the song. The guitars and bass are pretty upbeat and steady. Kramer's drumming fits in with Tyler's rapping. All in all its a fun jam.

"Jaded" - probably the best track on the album. The guitar in the intro just lures me in and keeps me stuck in the song. It's a beautiful track and its a good thing that it did excellent on the pop charts.

"Fly Away From Here" - it's a descent ballad, I'm not a fan of Tyler's vocals here though. I dislike the fact that he sticks in his trademark scream near the end. It sounds as if they're trying to make the song sound "harder." The song could be better but it fine.

The rest of the tracks on the album the sound is pretty uniform though the chemistry isn't. This album leans a bit towards the pop side (there's nothing wrong with that) but it just doesn't sound that good. Just because a guitar is distorted doesn't mean it's hard rock. // 7

Lyrics: What sealed the fate of this album is the lyrics. The songwriting is the death of this album after some the atrocious sounds recorded by Aerosmith. It is sad that THREE writers are needed for a song like "JPP." This isn't the first album where Aerosmith uses additional songwriters but honestly, why do they need them? The songs aren't even good in a lyrical sense. "JPP" may be fun but in all honesty the lyrics are silly (nothing wrong with that if it didn't need additional songwriters). I can answer my own question about the additional songwriter issue, but this is just a sign of throwing your reputation out the window. My theory states that the record company hires these songwriters so that their employees can get royalties in a clean way. It could be one word through thirty words, you still get paid. Remember "Rag Doll"?

"Jaded," I previously stated that it has a good, solid sound. But the lyrics are a different story. They seem elementary. They can put deeper meaning into the song, but I don't think the label's writers are creative enough to add their work to Aerosmith's actual stuff.

The rest of the songs' lyrics a okay at best. Sunshine is a great example of Aerosmith's mediocrity in this album. // 5

Overall Impression: When comparing it to their past work, like "Toys" and "Wings," it's lackluster. But to "DWM" and "Permanent Vacation," its okay. "JPP" makes sense with Aerosmith's transition, but longtime fans and listeners aware of their past work know that this album isn't a gem. There aren't any standout tracks, probably "Jaded" is the best. Its lyrical contents is what disappoints me the most because even with additional writers, their lyrics weren't that bad. Sound wise I wouldn't call it a big transition because they've been transitioning for 15 years before the release of "JPP." It won't gain a spot in my favorite hard rock albums of the past 25 years but it isn't the worst thing put out by a band. Think about it... (I wouldn't know because I wasn't around that time) But "Done With Mirrors" might have had a worse reception due to the completely different sound in their recent previous albums. I will always be an Aerosmith, but there has to be honesty in some places, and here's one of them. // 7

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overall: 9.3
Just Push Play Reviewed by: Smylly shredder, on august 11, 2006
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Sound: The sound in this album is definitely a lot more progressive than that of the previous albums. Songs like fly away from here and just push play have a very modern feel to them and it shows how this band can truly adapt with the times. I definitely have to say that sometimes though, the effects can get a little bit heavey for Aerosmiths style, but the recordings we're of such a quality that they still sounded pretty neat. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics in this album were definitely over the top. I mean, the double meanings in this ablum were endless, and the different witty lines just kept you in awe. How does this guy keep comming up with this stuff?! And "Bricka bracka firecracker sis boom bah, here comes trouble in a push up bra"? Who says that? I mean, the lyrics are so far out, and so whacked that they're absolutely amazing. And even the more sensible ones are awesome. In avant garden, the way that Steven puts the begining of a sentance at the end of a musical phrase, it's just something that every songwritter can only dream of. The lyrics in this album are definitely something to be noted. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, this album just rocks you, from start to finish. It's definitely not the raw edgy stuff that we're all used to from Aerosmith, but it's just as good as they're past albums. I would even say that this was one of their top albums. There isn't a song in there that I don't like, and the songs just seem to flow. It's something that you don't see everyday, and I would definitely recomend it to anyone who's into getting high off music. // 9

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overall: 3
Just Push Play Reviewed by: guitfiddleRR, on september 24, 2010
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Sound: This is the worst album Aerosmith ever released. I hated this album so much, almost all the way through. As far as the sound goes for this album, it seems like they tried desperately to to reach new fans. So desperately that they completely trampled everything that Aerosmith was about. The guitars, drums and everything are loaded down with effects to the point where it can barely be considered a rock album. If you put this on a turntable next to "Toys in the attic" or "Night in the Ruts" you would not think it was the same band. // 2

Lyrics: The lyrics are slightly creative, but for the most part, still suck. It looks to me like this was more of a Steven Tyler solo album. The rest of the band does not get very sufficient parts. Tyler is almost the only one who's glowing. Half of these songs sound like Steven Tyler attempting rap. There are even excessive effects used on the vocal tracks themselves, just like a rap or pop album. The only half decent song from this record is "Fly away from here" and that is only because of a good vocal performance. Songs like "Just push play" and "Outta your head" will make you cringe when you remember that you're listening to an Aerosmith record. // 4

Overall Impression: All in all, this album is horrible. I hate Aerosmith for creating this record, and I am shocked that some Aerosmith fans actually enjoyed it. At no point at all does this record reference its classic rock roots. There is hardly a difference between this, and a mother-loving Jonas Brothers record. Like I said before, the only song I partially enjoyed was "Fly away from here", and even that was a semi-decent song. If they started playing these songs at an Aerosmith concert, I would leave the arena. When I bought this album, I returned it in exchange for something else within the day. Don't bother buying or even listening to it. // 3

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overall: 7.3
Just Push Play Reviewed by: Firehawk2410, on april 02, 2013
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Sound: This album is probably "hailed" as the worst Aerosmith album ever recorded. Well, there are some pretty bad ballads on here to be honest, but the rest are modern rock tracks that pretty decent. The sound is very different from the typical Aerosmith sound, but I think Aerosmith's ability to be dynamic is what makes them so great. There are a lot of electronically created effects in the music, and even the guitars sound a little different, but the solos are superb and there are some very cool riffs, especially in "Beyond Beautiful" and "Under My Skin". The title track "Just Push Play" is also one of my personal favorites, even if it doesn't make much sense. However, half of the album is ballads (which reek of Steven Tyler and his sellout tendencies), and they really aren't that good. "Jaded" is usually praised but I just don't see anything great about it. // 8

Lyrics: There really isn't much needed to be said about Steven Tyler. He still sounds great even though this album was recorded 30 odd years after Aerosmith's formation. His voice hasn't aged much since "Pump", and I think Steven is the one who stands out the most on this album. The lyrics are sketchy though. I'm not sure how this escaped "Parental Advisory" because a certain four letter word can be heard a handful of times within the first two songs, and it really doesn't fit the music because the subjects of the songs seem pretty mild. The lyrics in the title track just don't make sense, even if they flow well. Unfortunately, every track has writing "help" from at least one outside songwriter, which I think Aerosmith needs to stay away from. They are better off on their own. // 7

Overall Impression: This album is the most unique in sound compared to every other Aerosmith album. Simply put, nothing else sounds like it. A lot of people criticize Aerosmith for changing their music too much, but at the same time a lot of people criticize AC/DC for not changing. I would say even though this album isn't amazing, it is different for Aerosmith, and constantly changing is one of their strengths. I'm always warming up more to the modern rock tracks, but the five ballads have literally put me to sleep before. The strongest tracks are "Beyond Beautiful", "Just Push Play", "Under My Skin", and "Drop Dead Gorgeous". If you like Aerosmith, it's not that bad of a buy, because you can get it for $5.00 USD new. And that's probably what it's worth. However, if you're expecting classic Aerosmith album you will be extremely disappointed. I think the album deserves a chance, so if you're hesitant about being open to it... well... just push play, and let the music do the talking.

// 7

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