Music From Another Dimension review by Aerosmith

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  • Released: Nov 6, 2012
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.9 (100 votes)
Aerosmith: Music From Another Dimension

Sound — 7
Well as we know one of the biggest bands in the rock industry has released a new album "Music From Another Dimension". We've waited more than ten years for Aerosmith to release a new one. Is fair to say that we all have high hopes for being Aerosmith but maybe when you heard "Legendary Child" you were not enough satisfied, maybe expecting more. After their problems they had as a band, with Steven Tyler doing his own and personal projects. Not being sure about the future of the band. Leaving behind all that and after all that they focus on creating new material and they did it. "Music From Another Dimension" is finally here. This record is the kind of record that you must hear it a couple of times to get the feeling of it and taste the 70's again mixed with the experience of the new era in music. Is like from "Just Push Play" to this new record they had evolved. The sound of album is kind of different from the older stuff. Some songs are unique and can't be consider to belong to previous records but other songs may be part of some of them without a problem. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford did a really good job on the riffs, they're catchy and make you feel how they enjoy doing this record. Make us think that mixing blues with hard rock is simple. Although in some songs I got the feeling there's missing something like in "Freedom Fighter" "Something" and "Closer" but in other song they totally have done a great job for example in "Beautiful", "Street Jesus", "Luv XXX", and "Out Go The Lights". They're three songs that make us remember "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" playing the piano in "Another Last Goodbye", "We All Fall Down" and "What Could Have Been Love". Personally, I think that three ballads for an album of hard rock is a lot, but the truth is that the songs are really great. Also they have a country style song "Can't Stop Loving You" I like the song but is not why I love Aerosmith but is good to try to get out of the same routine. We have heard "Lover A Lot", "Legendary Child" and "Oh Yeah" great song as well feeling the energy and the return of a legendary band trying to be on the top again. What I really missed was the harmonica, guess that I'm used to hear Tyler with it. Overall I'm really surprise and satisfied with the sound.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics. We know Aerosmith how they are creative and solid on this department. Some of the older song's lyrics are creative, even a little funny. This is not the exception. They did a great job for example in "Beautiful" ("As I get closer to her fire, her desire was to leave me on and on and on and baby was like beautiful"). "Now I get to think about the high speed dirty deeds what I want, what you need I think you best believe it gotta it, want you here, But you still gotta know We can skin it, we conceal it And so baby let's begin it". And in "Street Jesus" "Come on, come on, what you think about life? Demon in heaven gotta carry a knife, You said to me, 'no, that ain't the plan' With a smile on his face and the holes in his hand". They've done a really good job, they don't talk about the same stuff. The vocals, we all know about Tyler's skills, he gives the band another dimension and finish the sound that belongs to Aerosmith. His voice has age in a good way from hard songs like in "Beautiful And Legendary Child" to ballads like in "Another Last Goodbye" in this song really impressed me how he have maintain his voice, hitting high notes and singing so clean on it. He have done a great work, there are a couple of songs that he doesn't sing, one of them is "Something". Joe Perry have a decent voice in here but maybe the song would be better with him in the back vocals. The other one is "Freedom Fighter" in this song he sounds a little better. Overall Tyler have done a great job in the vocals and the band have demonstrate that they have still imagination.

Overall Impression — 8
As I wrote earlier on the review I'm surprised and satisfied, and impressed of the great job the band really did. While I was hearing the record I could perceive how they enjoy creating new music together, and is good that a band like Aerosmith have consistence. Is a good album to bring new generation people and if they like this album they will enjoy the first one and so on. The record is creative and authentic, marking an epoch of Aerosmith as not recreating older songs. Of course this album is not a "Get A Grip", "Permanent Vacation", "Toys In The Attic" neither the self-titled one, but is a solid record overall they work pretty well on it. Although there's missing a hit like for example "Rag Doll Or Walk This Way". Personally I think "Beautiful" is the closest to a hit, but is a well spend money buy this album. I definitely would buy it again if I lost it. Have a true potential to be someday a classic. "Beautiful"

Beautiful by Aerosmith on Grooveshark
"Street Jesus"
Street Jesus by Aerosmith on Grooveshark
"Luv XXX"
LUV XXX by Aerosmith on Grooveshark

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    Don't be a grammar Nazi....kinda rude demanding everyone speaks perfect english. He's probably better than you at a number of other things...
    I have never been an aerosmith listener. Heard this from radio at midnight and i really liked it. Mayby too many ballads but they are ok still. I really dig this and bought it.
    Sounds like the same old Aerosmith to me...and not in a good be fair I'm not a huge Aerosmith fan so it would have never have been life changing for me anyway but still..... it could have been so much more.
    Liked this album a lot. really great stuff, except for the ballads. they've made only one that I actually like, and that's "Dream On."
    I'm really happy this album turned out the way it did. I was irked by the ballads at first but after a few listens I realized the writing was pretty good. But when those first few notes come blasting in on Luv XXX, you know the real Aerosmith is finally back in the saddle.
    Being honest, I am a massive Aerosmith fan (hence my UG handle), so I won't waste time with my most-likey biased opinion. I will say I found myself loving every song written solely by the band members and wishing they (eh em... Steven Tyler) had enough confidence to release an entire album of songs written only by members of the band. They still have so much left to offer and songs like "Out Go the Lights" and "Oh Yeah" show that. It kills me thinking how great the album would be if they filled it with songs like those.
    Simple request - if you're going to have someone publish a review on UG, please check first that they speak English. This reads like the person was trying to write write in Russian-accented English: "Is like from "Just Push Play" to this new record they had evolved. The sound of album is kind of different from the older stuff."
    Sorry dude, I learned english by myself watching english movies with subtitles, any mistake let me know
    There's no need to be a grammar nazi when someone's writing is understandable. English is not the only language in the world, ya know. About the album: *sigh* I was expecting too much, I guess... The album just went in and out of my ears.
    Fuck off it's understandable.
    it's actually pretty hard to understand. it's hard to take anything seriously when it's so poorly written...
    Don't be a dick. It is understandable. It must be the guy's second language, give him a break.
    And you should check when to use articles + accent has nothing to do with how you write/type in any language.
    shit that got bleeped out good, i think something like "****in bigot" would work better.
    It might be a **** hair better than a couple of the albums from the 80s (but even that's a stretch, and they weren't even the classic full lineup) or the last 2 or 3, but I don't think it's better than anything they did in the 70s or even Permanent Vacation, Pump, or Get a Grip.
    'Beautiful' sounds like a really ****ed up Nirvana song with with a Navy Seals commercial chorus
    This album was really good, I have an in depth track by track review of the deluxe Edition on my blog right here isode-6-music-from.html
    I'm gonna say this album is just a bit better than mediocre. I haven't heard it, nor will I ever, but that being said, I think they should have kept those two guys that replaced Joe Perry and the "other guy" back in the eighties. That will always be my classic Aerosmith.