Drawn To The Flame review by Aesthesia

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
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Sound — 8
Aesthesia is a worthy unsigned rock band coming out of Ohio. They have released several records before -- such as Heavy Metal Thunder in 1990 and Mission Road in 1991 -- and took a long break till 1999, when the band was being put together again. In fact, the band has been around for quite some time -- two of the current members are in band since the 80's. The sound of "Drawn To The Flame" is wrapped with a spirit of old hard rock. It features rough and lustreless riffs of those old-fashioned eighties records with an evident influences of Van Halen, AC/DC and Bad Company. One of the best tracks on this album are the title track (Drawn To The Flame), opening H-E-A-V-Y and High Octane. I noticed that all of these songs are in the beginning of the record. A good beginning is half the battle. Opening track's vocal job reminds of AC/DC, for the rest it's a pure hard rock tune. High Octane is that true metal thing with a killing guitar shred. Drawn To The Flame is the real headbangin' track with Van Halen-like edged guitars and catchy rhythm. There is a ballad as well, Till I Found You, which is simply bad -- these guys play and sing on faster tracks much better. Actually, there are more of an Elvis on "Till I Found You", especially in the first beats of the song. Undoubdtly, for a trendy listener this record will be some kind of a disappointment. The tendency of modern sounding is to create something new with all sorts of guitars/bass experiments, involvement of queer instruments and renunciation of a standard hard rock schemes. Although some of the sources describe Aesthesia as the progressive rock/technical metal band, you won't find anything resembling on "Drawn". The general conception of Aesthesia's sound stays in the traditional rock scopes.

Lyrics — 6
There is really nothing special about "Drawn"'s lyrics, just a basic words. Moreover, there are not much of them -- most of the songs have long intro's and outro's. As to the John Whatman voice, he has a noticeable distinct voice, though he still reminds Bon Scott (AC/DC) with his expressive shouts. It's no wonder considering the fact that musicians that have begun their carier in the 80-90's used the pattern of above mentioned bands.

Overall Impression — 8
All in all, Aesthesia's "Drawn To The Flame" is the album for old hard'n'heavy fans -- a lot of handbanging, edgy riffs, killing and fast solos and perfect rhythm job. The only letdown is the production quality and the lack of innovations... however, who cares? I don't, untill something that good comes along that sounds authentic and not overproduced.

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