Answer That And Stay Fashionable review by AFI

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  • Released: Apr 22, 1997
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.1 (16 votes)
AFI: Answer That And Stay Fashionable

Sound — 8
AFI's first album is definitely hardcore punk. But contrary to bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag, they actually have melody, which was, and still is among the few hardcore bands left, innovative and original. The guitar riff of "I Wanna Get A Mohawk(But Mom Won't Let Me)" is only three chords, but is one of the few punk riffs that gets stuck in your head. Also contrary to typical punk, the bass is audible. Several of the songs intros are all bass-and-drum. Overall, it's an incredibly unique sound in the field of punk rock.

Lyrics — 5
The lyrics aren't exactly top-notch, as it is with almost all hardcore punk bands, but the messages still get across, such as rebelling against your parents in the aforementioned "Mohawk." Davey Havok's voice is excellent on this record, with the only flaw being that the screams in 'Open Your Eyes' are a little immature and inexperienced, but it WAS only their second record(they had an EP before this).

Overall Impression — 8
All in all, it's a good album to buy if you're, say, a Green Day or a Decemberunderground-AFI fan, this is a good step into heavier, harder hitting punk. Definitely worth buying. It's also funny every now and then with the clips of some radio show the band listened to around this time, which is a plus, and a light inside all of the dark, negative themes that surround hardcore punk. Great debut for a great band.

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    x Trev x
    this is AFI at their worst next to Decemberunderground. Shut Your Mouth, Black Sails, The Art of Drowning, and STS are way better.