decemberunderground review by AFI

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  • Released: May 29, 2006
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.6 (381 votes)
AFI: decemberunderground

Sound — 4
I've loved AFI for the past 8 or so years of my life and there has been a lot of build up for this album. When I heard Miss Murder, I simply didn't like it. It wasn't the AFI I knew. If I wanted Green Day, I would have listened to Green Day, but I wanted AFI. I remember when I heard the All Hallows EP, I was simply amazed at the speed of all the songs and how solid the drumming was. Unfortunately, I'm not even sure they used a drumkit at all on this album. All this really sounds like is Green Day mixed with Nine Inch Nails. This album sounds more like Davey's solo singing album with pre-recorded tracks. There is such an overuse of techno things that it's not even funny. Not good at all.

Lyrics — 9
However, Davey can still write lyrics thankfully. Although I was nowhere near impressed with his singing in the Miss Murder single, the other tracks are a bit better. He can still show his emotion very well in his singing. All the lyrics for all the songs are great, as well as the singing possibly minus Miss Murder, which is too pop-ish.

Overall Impression — 4
I know this album will sell well because of die-hard AFI fans (I am one of them) and because of the new kids hopping up on the scene. However I think this album is one of AFI's worst releases. The best song on the album is probably Affliction, and Kiss And Control. I can't stand the technoish add-ons, especially the intro track which sounds like they took it straight from a 50 Cent beat. The only thing I really like about this album is the singing and the lyrics. I wouldn't buy it back if it was stolen, because I already have the other AFI CDs which are so much better than this.

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    I give a rating of 8/10. I really like this album. Not only cause I'm a huge fan of AFI. But their progression in this album is really good. This is nothing you've heard before from all their albums other than the same style of guitar riffs from STS . I don't think there's any bad song in this album. I would recomend you to listen to Prelude 12/21, Summer Shudder, The Interview, Kiss And Control, 37mm and Endlessly, She Said . It's a waste they took out the solo for Endlessy, She Said . It was a masterpiece.
    KillCaustic wrote: For those who don't like this "new" screaming; where the hell have you been? AFI has always had screaming in their music, dating back to Black Sails or even sooner. I personally love the screaming because it just goes to show how versitile AFI really is, going from 'Kill Caustic' to 'Love Like Winter.' This album was amazing, hands down. AFI is the greatest band ever.
    Why doesn't anyone get it?! Yes, you were right now one part: NO the screaming IS NOT NEW. BUT The screaming is DIFFERENT. It is not the same as any other album. Comparing his new screaming to screaming to other albums is wrong. He doing it in a completely different way. There are two basic ways to scream. You can yell until it's almost a scream (STS, he stopped because it hurt his throat), and the other, very generic way. (DU). It's not bad different, just different. Am I the only one that gets this? Maybe I just like ranting.
    it consumes me
    This album is brilliant. Their best in my opinion, it is just so goddammed different from anything else out there. It has taht 80's rock feel to it and it is very sophisticated. The screaming is also better than it was in STS, which seemed a bit dull... his new scream is like it is when he is live. That is when his screaming is at its best, and it sounds just like that. Jade has become even more of a master of guitar and the drumming is also much louder. DU has AFI's loudest and most heaviest songs while it still holds some of AFI's most dramatic, tension filled songs, for instance, 37mm which is probably their weirdest song yet. I have an okay rip, nothing special and still people who have the actual CD say that it is much better on the CD than anything else. So far, this is my favorite AFI CD so if it has an even better quality, this will lap my thoughts on it. Just the variance in sounds on the album is purely unmistakable. Like all great albums, it takes time to get used to and you can definitely not give it a rating after the single number digit number of listens. Just so unjustified to be able to do that to an AFI record. To those who think this isn't AFI, tell me, when has AFI ever been a one-sounding band? Never. It is amazing.
    if u guys dont like this album, stop calling urself AFI fans, its that simple. whatever AFI was 10 years ago is not AFI now, u think they're still a bunch of angsty teens? now about the greenday comments. AFI and Greenday actually came about around the same time, from an era where bass guitar was still appreciated. Hunter and Mike Dirnt are 2 very talented bass players, and both use picks, which gives a somehwat similar tone. is this the first time you guys have heard two bass driven songs? and between holiday and miss murder, the only similarity is the run starting on F.
    There are FAR too many posts in here from people that will obviously love anything that AFI does, and that's too bad because you are never going to get an accurate, open minded review from someone like that. The bottom line is that this CD is painfully mediocre and that's really sad since everyone knows what AFI are capable of. I've been a fan of AFI since Very Proud of Ya. When I heard Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes my first reaction was "what the hell is this shit?". But it grew on me, fast. The next big change for them was Sing the Sorrow. Although I missed their old sound, I really liked STS, it was a good mix of the old sound and the new direction they were going. Unfortunately the direction they were going wasn't very good. The thing that made AFI one of the best punk bands was their originality. They had a totally distinctive sound that set them apart from everyone else. The lack of originality is what makes Decemberunderground such an extreme disapointment. Instead of making an "AFI album" they made an album that sounds like bits and pieces of a bunch of popular bands right now. I'm not opposed to changing your sound, hell if AFI never made SYMAOYE then they would still be making albums like ATASF and VPOY and we would never have gotten Black Sails and The Art of Drowning (IMO AFI's best album). It's just sad to see a band that had so much originality stray away from what made them good just to appeal to a broader market. Call it "maturing" if you want but maturing doesn't mean copying whatever is popular and trying to appeal to the pop masses. I also don't care about "selling out", if AFI sold 10 billion albums and they sounded good, I would be happy. I think the disagreements here are pretty easy to figure out... People that like the earlier days of AFI are going to hate this CD...Newer fans of AFI who have only really been exposed to STS are probably going to like it. It's just a matter of taste because AFI has really changed into an entirely different band. So when someone says "it's not AFI" all they mean is "it's not the AFI that I like". So, with that I say to all the new AFI fans, enjoy this CD because it's for you, and to all the older fans, I share your pain, I wish the old AFI would come back.
    I'm open to any review, but if I hear it and I like it, that's that. No one can persuade you to not like an album. So you have to understand it's hard for people to take what you say seriously if they don't agree at all. I mean "reviews" in themselves are all b.s. anyway. No one cares what anyone else has to say about a music record. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the only opinion that matters when you listen to music is your own. I read what you all write, but in the end, none of it matters because I'll draw my own conclusion that has nothing to do with what anyone here has said about the album. Like I said, reviews are pointless. No one cares what anyone has to say. And that's the way it should be.
    If your don't like this album you sure as hell are not an A fire inside fan cause this is there best work yet
    Obviously their sound has changed from album to album. Tell me how many bands have played the exact same stuff from their early days and maintained it successfully for 15 or so years? If AFI had been playing their fast paced punk from day 1 to now would they have grow as musicians at all? Musicans grow individually which in turn alters a bands sound. Im sure all here who post on this site currently love a particular style of music, though they will notice that they will be exposed to other music and their styles will change. This is what has happened with AFI and heaps of other bands i.e metallica. Anyways to review the album. I enjoyed it. Like another poster has said, it is a contiunation of STS which is great considering i really loved STS. Afflicition is definatly not only the best track on the album but one of their best ever. When i listen to an album i listen heavily to the guitar parts. This album used very differnt guitar tones and effects with many songs. I really wish Jade would solo more because the guy is really a gifted guitarists and is very original. Overall i really liked this album. 8/10. I wont compare it to any other AFI album because simply you cannot. This is the beauty of the band, their ability to play different styles of music and grow as musicians. Whether you appreciate this about the band or not is up to you
    Wow, I finally bought the album. It's pretty awesome, not as good as Sing the Sorrow, or Art of Drowning... and I still deciding if I like BSITS or DU better. I'm just glad I have new AFI to listen to.