decemberunderground review by AFI

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  • Released: May 29, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (381 votes)
AFI: decemberunderground

Sound — 9
AFI is a great band. They are fronted by a great songwriter, even if he isn't the best singer in the world. The sound of the new album is great. Many people say, "It's too techno, it's not even AFI." I got a few words for people who say that. AFI programs the techno, it's still them. There are great moments on the album, as well as dissappionting moments. Let's start with the ups. The intro chant Prelude 12/21 is fascinating. I love it. Many of you think that prelude is hip-hop. Bullshit. If you really play guitar, you'd notice that most of the song has guitar playing in it. Last time I checked, hip-hoppers don't have enough talent to play guitar. Another great part of the album is Summer Shudder. It, in my opinion, has the most meaningfull lyrics on the album. It has a catchy chorus that is like the older AfI that so many people fell in love with. The interview isn't great, I don't like the verses at all, they don't flow very well. The song has redemption though. At the end Davey and Jade sing a beautiful duet together with an organ. It really gets to you. Love LIke Winter is also great. It's fun to sing along to. My only problem with it is, it's too goddamn short. The interview is twice as long as Love Like Winter. Afflition isn't great, it's too emo, I really hate it when rich famous people complain about life. Anyways, another great spot in the album is The Killing Lights. I'm listening to it as I write this review. It has such a great chorus, and it's the only song on the album with a solo. The Missing Frame is decent, I really like the chorus. Endlessly, She Said is nothing short of what I expected from Decemberunderground. Pure genious. For those of you who bought it online, On the Arrow is also great. It is similar to The Leaving Song. This is the first AFI song I know of that uses an accoustic guitar all of the way through the song. I love it. And for even fewer of you, there's a bonus track that only the 2 week pre-orderers got. It's called Jack The Ripper. It's also completely accoustic. It's similar to On the Arrow, but not completely. It's still great. My biffs with this new album are in the minority. Like I said earlier, The Interview is mostly bad. 37mm. How do I describe this one? Well, I only like the bridge. The intro sucks, the chorus sucks, the verses suck, and the ending left me saying, "What the f--k was that all about?"

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are no masterpiece. Sing the Sorrow had much better lyrics. But, if you want to see what Davey is capable of writing, look up the lyrics for Days of the Phoenix. That song does not dissappoint. Back to the current album, I felt that the entire album was talking about suicide. Sure, they can have 2 or 3 songs about suicide, but I felt like every song except the first and the last song was about killing youself. Please AFI, quit complaining! Make the great music that all of your fans know your capable of. Davey's singing is much better in this album than any previous ones though.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, this album is great. It's not the masterpiece like STS or TAOD was, but it's still great. My biggest concern of this album was simple. No hidden track that starts 10 min. after the last song? AFI always does that. What happened. I noticed that I wasn't fully impressed with Jades riffs. There are a few good ones, but overall, no memorable riffs. Hunter, on the other hand, has come through. The bass in this album is better than the bass on any other AFI album. Buy this album if you haven't. If you have, buy it again.

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    metal Lover wrote: They have always sucked. Fuck them.
    ...and this is why I love this new spam-checking thing we have going on here. but anyway... man this CD is awesome. I haven't stopped listening to it since I got it on the 6th. seriously. I've listend to it over and over and over again. I just... can't... stop...
    Weight of Words
    What's wrong with you all? You call yourself AFI fans? Then why the **** are you all so obsessed with categorising them? AFI themselves despise labelling music, they simply don't think about what scene or genre they are fitting in to. They do what they want to do. Decemberunderground is an amazing album. The lyrics are so wonderfully Davey. From a musical perspective, it's a masterpiece. The band are fans of 80's music (some of which contained the electronic drum beats you're all bitching about), and they are simply incorporating that into their music. Could 37mm be more 80's? And by the way, drum beats of this style were around long before gangsta-twats like 50Cent were on the scene. I love most songs AFI have created. Their old stuff is great to jump around to at shows and stuff, as is some of their new stuff - Affliction is a great song to dance to. Some of their old stuff was musically brilliant - think of the spine-chilling "At a Glance" from Black Sails. AFI are changing, yes - but you can't expect them just to pump out song after song, album after album that sound exactly the same - what'd be the point? AFI are exploring themselves musically, trying new things. It's a part of them - it's not done for you. They make their music, and if you like it, and want to join them for the ride, AFI will adore you for it. If you're just going to complain that each new album doesn't sound like Sing the Sorrow, or that they aren't East Bay Harcore anymore - then Fuck You Very Much. Have A Nice Day. x
    Cza wrote: Hate it, Does anyone else think Miss Murder sounds like green day?
    lol yea it does, i dont really like green day though, but this new afi cd is the best ever!!!!! i got it on the 6th and its the only cd ive been listening too, one of the best cds that came out so far!
    metal Lover wrote: You guys call yourselves music fans. Emo isn't music. Fuck A.F.I.
    AFI isn't even emo. Nice one you tool. The album is amazing.