decemberunderground review by AFI

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  • Released: May 29, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.6 (381 votes)
AFI: decemberunderground

Sound — 7
As far as sound quality goes, this is the best sounding record AFI has ever realeased. It was well produced and well mixed. AFter hearing that AFI would release another album I got soo excited. they were gone for 3 years and I've been waiting for a follow up to sing the sorrow, it was amazing. Decemberunderground definently took AFI in a different direction. Their sound has changed a lot in some songs and others sound like the old AFI. They still have some cool powerful riffs and the bassist is obviously one of the most talented in the industry. Their new sound seams really mainstream and unoriginal though. I think that this album took them a step in the wrong direction.

Lyrics — 9
Davey has deffinently improved on his lyrics. Like on Answer that and stay fashionable he has a song about cereal, and one about highschool jocks and when I heard those I thought comeon davey grow up. But this album is his best to date lyrically. They have gotten more meaningfull and vague which means you really have to try to get into his head to comprehend the lyrics. As for his singing skills. They are ok. I heard he had throat surgery, soo I don't blame him for his voice changing alot but I still like his old voice better.

Overall Impression — 7
This album Is average, maybe a little bit better than average. It has some good songs, and some bad songs. Every member in the band has their high points and low points in the album. However, I would buy it again if I lost it. but I would still go out and buy sing the sorrow long before this one. Listen to track 3 Miss Murder, and listen to Green Day's Holiday - sound a little familiar? Just thought I'd throw that out there. And track 2 sounds exactly like a song off of Burnthe8track's EP. I'm not saying anything but I'm just throwing that out there.

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    people who call afi emo and sell outs,must not listenin or care about the band...they should actually shut up and listenin to the muzik and enjoy the great muzik afi has to offer, not many bands r still like afi, most do b/c sell outs, afi has only played mtv...thats not selling out, bands that keep doing things for money to be more known and put their name on every peice of merchandise thats ever been created is selling out, afi has nothing to do wioth that, let alone be emo, the lyrics rnt emo in ne way, and besides, every song has emotion in it, or it wouldnt be muzik, itd be a band that god payed to play and not care...afi is not like ne of that!...
    They did a great cover of NIN's Head like A Hole. Far as I'm concerned, STS bored me stupid. I actually liked this one. (UK bonus tracks kick ass)
    It really seems like all these punk (or whatever you wanna call the genre) bands like AFI are trying to appeal to emo kids. I personnaly thought this album sounded like my chemical romance and atreyu garbage, for the most part.