decemberunderground review by AFI

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  • Released: May 29, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (381 votes)
AFI: decemberunderground

Sound — 9
Well, when I first heard 'Miss Murder' on MTV I thought, wow what a different sound they have. So I went and brought this cd, and boy was I surprised. From the first song, I felt as though they had completly changed from this underground 'punk' band, to a full stream rock band. the sound overall is pretty gnarly, his vocals seem to be a lot clearier and the instruments are played very well for the genre in which they have to, this means you wont be finding any amazing guitar solo's or really impressive drum solos, you will just find well thought out and written songs.

Lyrics — 9
I think in this CD, Davey has simplified his lyrics somewhat and has taken a more 'rock' feel to them, although some parts of the lyrics may be hard to understand (the Chorus to 'Love Like Winter' confuses me). 01. Prelude 12/21 - this is a intresting opening to the ablum, it sets a new tone to any other AFI CD. A hip-hop beat is present which I think is pretty funky, but not what you would expect from AFI. 02. Kill Caustic - this is one of the heavier songs on the CD. I really like the screaming Davey does throughout. love the lyrics also and a great chorus. 03. Miss Murder - I love this intro, nice little bass line. This song is a very radio friendly song I believe, although it is still quite a good song nice flow throughout. Davey's voice sounds beautiful here I reakon and I love the screaming. 04. Summer Shudder - well this song is another song which I like a lot. The lyrics are beautiful and the music fits well together. A top song. 05. The Interview - this has a nice relaxing feel at the start and builds up nicely to a chorus. Beautifully done. 06. Love Like Winter - this is a up-beat kinda song. I feel it is a new style for AFI a more synthesised style with a lot of bass throughout. It's good to see a different style done well by them. I love this song. 07. Affliction - another rockier song then the others, gotta love the screaming in this one. Listen to the scream after the First chrous and before the second verse. 08. The Missing Frame - nice drum intro into a very 'The Killers' kinda feel. this song reminds me very much of a placebo song. I would have to say if I didn't know of AFI and heard this song, I would not know them at all. If that makes sense! 09. Kiss And Control - very bassie and synthesised, but the chrous breaks out and turns into a great song. 10. The Killing Lights - another kinda placebo feeling song and I really love this chorus very 'rocky' feel. 11. 37mm - well this song is one of those ones your either gunna love or hate if ur a AFI fan and for some reason, I hate it, althought I appreciate the change of style and new awakenings, but come on, they were a hardcore band but this song makes you wonder. 12. Endlessly, She Said - you know the saying, 'save the best for last' AFI are masters at this. From art of drowning and sing the sorrow the best songs are the last ones and this trend continues. This is a AFI song for sure. Nice build-up. 13. Rabbits Are Roadkill (bonus) - this song reminds me of the art of drowning days, well his voice does, when was it recorded? I like it, brings back memories of their younger days, although not as screamo. All in all, well done Davey, Jade, Adam and Hunter, you did every right for each song.

Overall Impression — 10
Well, after Art of Drowning, I didn't know how they could top it, then sing the sorrow came out and I was amazed and does this album pass Sing The Sorrow? In my opion no. but don't get me wrong, this ablum is still very good, but come on, sing the sorrow was incredible. This album trys new things, which I like, because it shows they aren't single minder musically, but sometimes bands should leave a genre to never be played. But all in all, the boys have made another blinder of a CD, lets hope they keep coming!

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    Wow, after listening to this album I must say that my previous thoughts about AFI have been shattered. I used to think AFI was bad, but now I know they're god awful. The singer is way too whiny (don't say I don't understand or I have a predetermined idea, he cries like he just lost his tricicle), the background music (aka everything that isn't the vocals) seems tacked on and choppy, the "strong ideals" aren't the slightest drop in the water and very simply they prove the "if you don't have talent, dress in black and get the worst haircut possible" idea of band making. This album is what would happen if you took 1/4 of an Atreyu album, 1/4 of a My Chemicle Romance album, 1/4 of a The Used album and 1/4 of a blank album with pins in it, glued them all together with candle wax, played ultimate frisbee with the disk and then tried playing the Frankenstalbum in a record player.
    ^ true. This is a truly great CD, not as good as Sing the Sorrow by a long shot, but still great. Oh and Nilcerise...stop living in the past. There is no such thing as 'actual' rock or as you like to say 'actauly' rock- i presume what you mean is old rock.
    ^ That was one of the worst posts ever. You can say stuff like that about any band in a different context. I hate when people rant on about a band they hate in a huge paragraph.. It's so lame. _____ Anyone else still hooked on the album? I am.
    wow, I like the CD and ive been a fan since Shut your Mouth and Open Your Eyes. That guy who said every song On the album is about death needs to open his mind a bit. Oh and and how can you accuse afi of robbing my chemical romance of there sound? They have only been a band for 3-4 years. Afi was working on this album WAY before any of that emo crap even got popular.
    its a wicked cd i reckon, takes a few listens 2 get into it but after that its great!
    lol this band isnt good period they should have theyre own genre along with every other band that sounds almost exactly the same because people cant figure out what good music is truly anymore, time for some actauly "rock"
    ppl tht complain about what davey sings about arnt seeing the big picture. that is what he feels so thats what he writes, emo or not it dosnt matter when you are writing u jsut write what u really feel.