decemberunderground review by AFI

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  • Released: May 29, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.6 (381 votes)
AFI: decemberunderground

Sound — 10
AFI definitely had a mountain to climb after, in my opinion, their best album Sing The Sorrow, while making this album. Decemberunderground certaintly did so, for me. 01. Prelude 12/21 - obviously the opening to the album, like Sing the Sorrow's "Miseria Cantare." I'd say just comparing those two tracks together shows the maturity of AFI in only the past two-three years. A lot of criticisim towards this track, but I don't see anything wrong with it. I picture this being the second song in their set, with first being "Miseria Cantare." 02. Kill Caustic - this is my least favorite track on DU. But nevertheless a great song. A lot of sceaming for all the screamo kids. The opening verse are somewhat weak but the rest of the song makes up for it. But I think taking this track off the ablum and replacing "Rabbits Are Roadkill" would be better. 03. Miss Murder - the first single/video on Decemberunderground. I love the bass in this song. Hunter is an amazing bassist. Jade has some great parts in the song too (what else is new). As far as all the criticisim thrown towards this song and saying things like, "It reminds me of Green Day!" I think is just not understanding how to mature with a band really. This album is with out a doubt, the best AFI release to date. Anyway, A great song with an amazing bridge too. 04. Summer Shudder - this song sounds a bit like a Sing The Sorrow song. Has very deep lyrics. The drums in it are very strong as well. The chorus is catchy and stays in your head. There's a akward telephone key pad jsust before the bridge which I beleive has to do with the phone call heard in "Affliction" later in the album. 05. The Interview - this is one of my favorite tracks out of the twelve. This song has the main lyric for the album at the end, "I flee to decemberunderground... and I'll grow pale without you." The chorus in the song is amazing and deep. It truely shows the maturity of AFI. 06. Love Like Winter - without a doubt one of my favorite tracks along with "Kiss And Control." The whole song is really more up-beat than the past four albums. "Love Like Winter" is like a love song that depicts the whole Decemberunderground theme, with winter and such. 07. Affliction - another screaming song. And another good screaming song. I don't really understand the complaints about Davey screaming. The only difference is it's in a slightly higher pitch. I like it, and think they did a very good job with "Kill Caustic", "Miss Murder", "Affliction," and "Kiss And Control" I also love the bridge and there's also a nice ending to the song with a cool beat and a voice in the background. It's the phone call I was talking about in "The Interview." 08. The Missing Frame - a cathcy and simple drum beat intro by Adam demands attention until the end along with Jade's high notes on his guitar. And Davey's beautifully written lyrics shadow on what "The Missing Frame" is. He keeps your attention literally throughout the whole song. Great song, but I think the bridge is too stunning to be true. 09. Kiss And Control - now this song is probably my single favorite song on Decemberunderground. Everything about it keeps you into it. The opening (slow) verse, until the build up to the chorus. Davey only screams in the chorus, but it's, in my opinion, the best screaming on the entire CD. Each prechorus changes to the fast paced chorus. 10. The Killing Lights - this is also a "newer" side of AFI which was introduced on the ablum. This is a more clean track. Not too much that will stand out on the album. I mean it's a great song overall without any flaws. Original and creative. 11. 37mm - a very unexpected track, but so creative, it makes the song fitting. Davey's voice shows just how amazing of a range it has. I also love what I guess you would consider the bridge where he sings "Time, Time, Time..." then the ending part where he chants, "We are, no one." Just a very underrated and creative masterpiece. 12. Endlessly, She Said - and of course, AFI will never call it an album with a fast song. But really though, this is an amazing slow song. Davey's voice is amazing and screams with a passion. Keeps you almost on the edge of your chair until you scream the chorus. A great album-closing song.

Lyrics — 10
The amazing lead singer of AFI, Davey Havok is almost a guaranteed and assured to blow your mind with the range, overall sound, and screaming of his voice. It's overall just beautiful. His lyrics, I believe will absolutly never cease to amaze. They really made a statement with Sing The Sorrow, but this album just out beats that album so much, I'd be lying not to give it all a ten.

Overall Impression — 10
I am a more fan of AFI's newer music, to me it's so much more thoughtout, creative, and it really is more musically genious. But I still have to say Demeberunderground beats all the past albums going back to Answer That... Fashionable. Sing The Sorrow was a ten, and AFI has just out beat STS with Decemberunderground. All the criticisim is absolute trash. All bands mature, AFI is just one of them. If I were to some how misplace this CD, there's no question I'd go buy it again. I love everything about Decemberunderground. And I love everything about AFI.

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