decemberunderground review by AFI

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  • Released: May 29, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.6 (381 votes)
AFI: decemberunderground

Sound — 8
The sound of decemberundergroud is tech-rcok or electonic with the usual Afi stuff. There is no story really to this album It's just a bunch of emo words. I don't think this album is played in standard tuning. The guitar lines are a lot better on this album than the others. The drums & bass are fine. They also use keyboards on this album.

Lyrics — 5
I hate it. The lyrics aren't bad it's just that they are very emo and depressing. I don't like emo lyrics. The lyrics to the music is pretty good though. Davey is a good singer but his voice is a bit to high. He makes it lower on some songs and it sounds good. I don't know why he doesn't sing with a lower voice.

Overall Impression — 7
This album to their other albums is in my opinion better becuase I like the sound better. The older albums aren't that well recorded. The best songs on this album are probably "The Interview" & "Endlessly, She Said". The worst one would be "Miss Murder". I love this album because of the difference from the older albums. I hate it because it's so emo. If it were stolen I probably download the album instead of buying it. But ya it's a good album.

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    DownbloW wrote: Weight of Words wrote: What's wrong with you all? You call yourself AFI fans? Then why the **** are you all so obsessed with categorising them? AFI themselves despise labelling music, they simply don't think about what scene or genre they are fitting in to. They do what they want to do. Decemberunderground is an amazing album. The lyrics are so wonderfully Davey. From a musical perspective, it's a masterpiece. The band are fans of 80's music (some of which contained the electronic drum beats you're all bitching about), and they are simply incorporating that into their music. Could 37mm be more 80's? And by the way, drum beats of this style were around long before gangsta-twats like 50Cent were on the scene. I love most songs AFI have created. Their old stuff is great to jump around to at shows and stuff, as is some of their new stuff - Affliction is a great song to dance to. Some of their old stuff was musically brilliant - think of the spine-chilling "At a Glance" from Black Sails. AFI are changing, yes - but you can't expect them just to pump out song after song, album after album that sound exactly the same - what'd be the point? AFI are exploring themselves musically, trying new things. It's a part of them - it's not done for you. They make their music, and if you like it, and want to join them for the ride, AFI will adore you for it. If you're just going to complain that each new album doesn't sound like Sing the Sorrow, or that they aren't East Bay Harcore anymore - then Fuck You Very Much. Have A Nice Day. x YES! Rock on, you said what needed to be said to all the punks who say AFI sucks. Just because you don't like them, doesn't mean they suck.
    i agree with both of you. most punks do say afi sucks and they also cant be classified. me im straight up punk but i love afi. i didnt relle like this cd way to poppish for me i mean im inlove with the mid 90's stuff and even sts was ight but this just wasnt wut i expected. so congratulations to afi for finally selling out and becoming the coprate bullshit you have avoided for the longest time.
    haha i think it's supiddly-funny how people sitll talking about their so called "sell out", not just for AFI but for every other band that change its style; for me that's the real bullshit.