decemberunderground review by AFI

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  • Released: May 29, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (381 votes)
AFI: decemberunderground

Sound — 8
First lemme start off by saying that I am very new to AFI. I have never heard any of their previous work. I first heard AFI's Miss Murder and loved the song. I've seen all sorts of reviews from listeners who have heard AFI from the beginning which really didn't help me. I was looking for someone who was also new but no such reviews I have found. The songs on this album are amazing and different in each one. This album was recorded extremely well. Inside the booklet there are small scriptures. I'd have to say this is pretty much rock? Punk? Pop? Hard rock w/screamo? I'm not sure wht you'd call it from all the diverse styles in the album. I should also mention, I am not a huge fan of music w/ screaming in it. I hate slipknot. There are a few screams in this album and I don't mind them at all! which kind of amazed me.

Lyrics — 8
I thought the lyrics were very good. Only (to me anyway) a lot of the songs really didn't make any sense. I'm use to music such as the Beatles and Green Day where there is a "message" you could say that you can understand instantly. These songs not so much, a few yes but they seem more like stories I guess. The lyrics fit very well w. the guitar and drums. Davey is a very good singer.

Overall Impression — 8
I'd have to say out of my collection of CDs this is it's own thing. I own no other piece of music like this. I love most of the songs on this record a few I personally don't like. So there you go. If this was lost or stolen wud I get it again? Yes I would some not so good songs but this is really worth it I think.

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    Silverstein444 wrote: This album is awful. There are obviously no old school AFI fans here. AFI went from one of the best punk bands of all time to one of the most disappointing. Could they get any slower or softer?
    ive been listening to AFI for nine years, dont feel all big and bad because you downloaded a few tracks off limewire. and to Weight of Words, im a punk and afi are my favorite band, hows that for a stereotype breaker? decemberunderground was decent, but i doubt any afi release will touch Black Sails, or All Hallows
    This is an alright album but i prefer thier older stuff. The Art of Drowning was thier best album in my opinion. They need to bring back there older sound and stop trying to do what other mainstream bands are doing.
    this is a sh*t CD. all the reviewers are little faggety emos so yeah thats why its rated highly. afi have changed into something really lame and cheesy and i have lost all respect for them!
    I bought this album used for 5 bucks. I seriously brought it back the next day, asking to exchange it for any cd for equal selling price. This is not AFI; they ditch the hardcore punk roots that held up their previous albums, including Sing The Sorrow. This sounds like Fall Out Boy covering AFI. It's not even about mainstream; this album sounds terrible. I suppose I should've seen it covering when AFI starting doing terrible covers of The Cure on MTV. Good luck to all the new fans, I'm glad you guys found a new band to rape and pillage from the true fans who stuck with them until this garbage came out. RIP AFI 2003, Sing The Sorrow.
    I live every AFI album with the execption of this on ( I do like a few tracks from it, though ).