Sing the Sorrow review by AFI

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  • Released: Mar 11, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (84 votes)
AFI: Sing the Sorrow

Sound — 10
'Sing the Sorrow' was the first album by AFI I ever picked up, and I am forever grateful that I did so. The overall sound can only be truly described in one word - epic. The album refuses to be pidgeonholed and rapidly fuses a wide range of genres; most noticeably punk, Goth, hardcore and even a hint of metal. This intriguing mix is dipped exquisitely in a dark, melancholy overtone that compliments everything about this CD perfectly, especially the lyrics. This in my opinion is AFI's undoubtedly best album ever; upon hearing it, I have worked my way backwards and bought every single album by the band, along with a couple of their earlier EPs. I think they're all amazing in their own ways, but 'Sing The Sorrow' is utter perfection - a natural evolution which has nothing to do with record labels can very clearly be heard and felt through the band's songwriting and musical skills. The current line-up of AFI could not be more perfect, with Jade's virtuoso guitar skills adding a dark overtone to the album and Hunter's unbelievable bass mastery creating an amazing and very solid foundation to every song.

Lyrics — 10
Ah, the lyrics. Consistently, the lyrics have always been my favourite part of any AFI album, but obviously 'Sing The Sorrow' is lyrically by far the best. Davey Havok is a pure and utter genius when it comes to writing lyrics; they are always dark, haunting, and eerily beautiful without exception. Dripping with raw emotion that can always be felt, the cryptically-written lyrics of every song really hit you hard, and make you sit down and think even if you don't understand what they're about. The pure beauty of the album's lyrics are perfectly complimented by the pure beauty of Davey's voice; his amazing range and the clear flawlessness of his unique vocals could not be more perfect. His singing has very noticeably improved and matured with every album, and with his broad vocal style that can manage anything from hardcore to ballads coupled with the haunting elegance of his lyrics, there is not a single moment on the CD which isn't pure rapture to listen to.

Overall Impression — 10
As said before, 'Sing The Sorrow' is in my opinion the unchallenged reigning champion of all six of AFI's albums. AFI are my all-time favourite band, and despite running the risk of sounding cliched I know they have truly changed my life forever. I love the dark feel to both the music and the lyrics, which was very rarely present in any of their other albums [except perhaps 'The Art of Drowning' and 'Black Sails', to a degree]. The stand-out tracks on 'Sing The Sorrow' would have to be 'Death of Seasons,' a hardcore-laced song sung to perfection by the ever-astounding Davey Havok, 'Silver and Cold' which is melodic and darkly enchanting, and definitely the hidden track, 'This Time Imperfect.' This track is unlike anything ever done before by the band, and is the most hauntingly beautiful song on the CD in every way. If this album was ever lost or stolen from me, I would not hesitate to run out at that very moment and buy two more [one for back-up; Heaven forbid that should ever happen again]. If you are a fan of AFI at all and especially if you love deep, dark and epic music, this would be the perfect album for you - for me and no doubt countless others it is ground-breaking, life-changing and overall, pure art.

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