Sing the Sorrow review by AFI

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  • Released: Mar 11, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (84 votes)
AFI: Sing the Sorrow

Sound — 10
A lot of people complain about AFI's sound changing drastically in this album, but I must say for one thing the change wasn't too drastic, and for another thing I think it was for the better of the band. Every song on this CD is worth listening to even if some don't compete with the rest. 01. Misiera Cantare - the coolest intro to an album I have ever heard. Makes Prelude 12/21 sound like it was made by a fifth grader. 02. The Leaving Song Pt. II - opens with a very cool guitar part, and continues to stun the listener throughout the song. One of the best AFI has made. 03. Bleed Black - catchy song, took a bit for it to sink in for me, but overall very good. 04. Silver And Cold - very depressing song that opens up with a cool piano line. Never fails to give me chills. 05. Dancing Through Sunday - this song almost makes me crap my pants with excitement. The coolest song AFI has ever written in my opinion. Amazing vocals, catchy riffs, and an unexpected guitar solo. 06. Girls Not Grey - catchy song, one of the hits off the album. Hard for me to describe but still a great song. 07. Death Of Seasons - my second favorite off of Sing The Sorrow. Very cool opening bass line, a punkish verse, a chorus that of course AFI would only sing, and a techno breakdown? Yeah. You have to listen to it. 08. The Great Disappointment - lives up to it's name. While it's a great song, it is the worst on the album. Still worth listening to, but doesn't keep up with the rest. 09. Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings) - another catchy song off the album. While it isn't very unique, it's still worth a listen. 10. This Celluloid Dream - awesome song. One of the top songs on the album. Another that's hard to describe. 11. The Leaving Song - beautiful song. Very light, yet still sounding like an AFI song. 12. ...But Home Is Nowhere - Really cool song and a great way to end the album. 13. This Time Imperfect (hidden song) - the most beautiful song on the album. A light song with the most in-depth lyrics out of any song I've ever heard. I seem to be able to relate to it in every way.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics sometimes don't make sense to me, and I'm not sure if that's because of the in-depth imagery or because it really doesn't make sense. Either way, a lot of the songs that I do recognize the lyrics to show themselves as amazing works of poetry that anyone could relate to. Davey Havok really needs to quit showing off.

Overall Impression — 10
Sing The Sorrow is my favorite AFI album by far. Decemberunderground was good, but not great. AFI has a lot of good old albums as well, but in my mind none can compete with Sing The Sorrow. The best songs are Dancing Through Sunday, Death Of Seasons, This Time Imperfect, and The Leaving Song Pt. II. The album is almost perfect in every way. If it were stolen, well, I have it on both of my computers and on a flash drive, so it could never truly be stolen. Long live AFI!

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    haste the day
    There is a difference between stereotypical emo bands and emotional music. This falls under the latter category in this situation. To add my word on this album, I agree wholeheartedly; It is a masterpiece. I have listened to this album literally hundreds of time over, yet I do not tire of it. It's my favourite album by far.
    The difference between the quality of decemberunderground and preivious albums is this: Sing The Sorrow's sound is still held up with the basics of AFI's older hardcore sound. This is more apparent with the b-sides, but after a few listens, you can easily see this in the entire album. Black Sails did the same thing, Art of drowning as well, however, decemberunderground doesn't. At all. Decemberunderground sucks because it sounds like Fall Out Boy covering AFI. It doesn't sound like a hardcore band expressing themselves with more gradiose, more complex structures & lyrics. That is why Sing The Sorrow will remain the last AFI album for me. Also, as far as I remember, I didn't hear too much bitching from old schoo AFI fans about this album. I remember bringing this over to a get together with some pretty hardcore types and they actually really liked it; in fact they thought Art of Drowning was worse. This album is truly amazing, listening from the very early hardcore of the Behind the Times EP to Sing The Sorrow is almost like watching the beginning and end of an epic. Rest In Peace, AFI, 2003.
    Very dark, like harcore punk, goth, and a pinch of emo mixed into one
    I don't know what to call Sing The Sorrow; but if it is emo, then more emo bands should learn and make albums like this.
    Celluloid Dream
    Sorry to break it to you but it is emo but what is wrong w/ having emotional songs...what isn't emotional about it? 10/10
    epi les paul69 wrote: Jade Puget uses a Gibson les paul studio.
    I don't know who you're responding to, but you're wrong. Jade, since 2000-ish, has always used a Gibson SG. Around 2007, he started experimenting again, and now he uses a lot of strange things, but in an interview on this site he said he's playing a Gibson Cloud live and on most of Crash Love. By the way, this album is solidly in my top ten, and, dare I say it, will never be topped by A.F.I. It has certainly hardly been equaled by any album since its release.