Cause For Alarm/Victim In Pain Review

artist: Agnostic Front date: 01/26/2010 category: compact discs
Agnostic Front: Cause For Alarm/Victim In Pain
Released: 1986
Genre: Hardcore, Crossover Thrash
Number Of Tracks: 21
Cause for Alarm is on a split release with Victim in Pain on the same disc.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Cause For Alarm/Victim In Pain Reviewed by: bobthebum16, on january 26, 2010
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Sound: This CD has the two albums, "Cause for Alarm" and "Victim in Pain" in one. It is a hardcore album Tracks: 01. The Eliminator 02. Existence of Hate 03. Time Will Come 04. Growing Concern 05. Your Mistake 06. Out for Blood 07. Toxic Shock 08. Bomber Zee 09. Public Assistance 10. Shoot His Load 11. Victim In Pain 12. Remind Them 13. Blind Justice 14. Last Warning 15. United & Strong 16. Power 17. Hiding Inside 18. Fascist Attitude 19. Society Sucker 20. Your Mistake 21. With Time I love this album and band they are one of my favorite hardcore bands. Although Agnostic Front are now no longer really hardcore:( their older stuff is really hardcore... So don't judge their music by their new stuff:) The guitar solos are similar to Slayer and Bad Brains. // 10

Lyrics: Singer sounds just... HARDCORE :) How he (Roger Miret) sings fits perfectly with the music. The lyrics aren't anything special but they make sense and you could tell what they are singing about. Most of the lyrics are political. I gave it an 8 because the lyrics aren't the greatest in the world... But I would probably give most of my CDs an 8 in this section. // 8

Overall Impression: Great album for anyone is a fan of Agnostic Front or just hardcore in general. They sound like a mix of Bad Brains and Slayer. I love ALL the songs... there isn't a single one I don't like. I am very sad because they basically sold it out because they don't make music like this anymore :( If it got stolen I would definitely buy it again. // 10

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