Rain In Hell review by Aiden

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  • Released: Oct 31, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 6.8 (48 votes)
Aiden: Rain In Hell

Sound — 7
When I got this album, or EP I was already familure with Aidens last album "Nightmare Anatomy" and knew what to expect. This EP is more or less an extension in my eyes of what Aiden didn't have room for, or didn't have time to do on their sophmore album. Their musical style hasn't really changed since the last album, they still retain a signituer gothic pop-punk music style with dark lyrics to back up the heavy guitars. There are only 6 tracks on this EP one of them being the Intro which is just short of a instrumental track complete with rain and thunder and a few lines from the lead singer. The second track is called "The Suffering" and is a bit slower in the tempo then their usual songs. It isn't too granduer with just the basics, guitar, bass, drums vocals with a fairly silent verse and a driving chorus. The third track is called "We sleep forever" and is the only song on the album to get it's very own music video for the movie "Dead Silence". it's a bit better song than the song before it with a faster pace and a catchier chorus. "Hey Call the angels! ect" it's also the most creative song on the album and sounds most like something that belongs on their last album. Track number four is one of two cover songs, each rather well known song and twisted a bit with the touch and sound of Aiden. "White Wedding" was originally sung by Billy Idol and this version is a crunchier sound to it, less friendly sounding vocals as Aidens lead singers voice at times can become a little repetative. "Die Darling Die" is the 5th track on the album and is a cover from the popular Misfits song of the same name. It would seem repetative to do a cover of an band in the same pool of music, not even genre, but the only difference it seems is to the voice and better sound quality then the old misfits version, as well as some prettier guitar work. The last track "Silent Eyes" is probobly the slowest song ever played by Aiden, it simply is a acoustic song with some lewd lyrics and features the lead singer actually trying to sing without wailing out as he usually does, save for the chorus.

Lyrics — 6
Seeing that 2 out of 6 songs are cover songs, you can't say much for the album as a whole but what was original on the album was something you would expect from aiden by looking at their first and second album. Many of the themes of the EP circle around relationships esspecially those of a Romeo and Juliette tragedy-esque nature. As well as mentioning of self mutilation, suicide and other dark themes. The love song is not forgein to the bands library however they seem to center on relationships that wouldn't work out and involves one wanting to kill themselves or each other. Not much more metaphors or similes. Lyrics are pretty straight foreward will little thought. The singers voice isn't the most pleasent but it does seem to compliment the guitar work and sound of Aiden.

Overall Impression — 7
Compared to the last two albums, I am not too impressed it just seems an extension of the same style that they were using before. Not much screamo and two un original titles doesn't really give much confidence in the bands ability to make a third original album. The most impressive song was "Silent Eyes" which was both musically pleasing, a departure from aidens usual bit of songs and simply a well written song. I love the album because Aiden is a good band, but I hate it because nothing ground breaking or new in style was on it. If it were lost or stolen I would buy it only for Silent Eyes.

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    JoNnHannah wrote: I like the band, but this EP is pretty lame. The only reason to buy it is the badass dvd that comes with it.
    HELLZ yea!!
    Yeah i wrote this review and i totally agree with Jenna. thats exactly what i was meaning. dont you have any heart? aiden is amazing in the way that they sing about common problems people go through, and ive met them and theyre great people.
    HHAHAHA hilarious! i just heard about these guys today from my friend who knows one of em LOL thats freakin hilarious, and i was right about how they are LOL.
    **** aiden, ****in pink eye shadow wearin pussys, my ****in grandma can ****in play guitar better than they can. and for u stupid ass ppl takin up for emo's, u do that b/c ur a fagot emo too, and u hate that everyone knows it. get a ****in life, and go have a gay pink eye shadow orgy.....and u will enjoy it. LAMB OF GOD FOREVER!!!!!11
    In my opinion, the EP is really good. And I know not everyone agrees with that and to be honest I'm not here to tell people they should like Aiden. Aiden are one of my favourite bands and I love them a lot, but I can understand if people don't like them, or their lyrics don't mean anything to them. What i do have a problem with is if they decide to look up lyrics just to slag them off and make the presumption that just cos the lyrics mean nothing to them means that they mean nothing to other people. They do! Maybe I don't like your favourite band, but I'm not gonna go on their message board and slag them off now, cos I have better things to do with my time.
    Stop..... why does everyone always have to judge people by what music they listen to? And why is it that people hate all those why dont listen to the same genre of music as they do and make fun? if someone like emo then thats their choice, if someone likes metal then thats there choice. Leave em alone! If there is any music bashing goin on then lets bash rap n s*** like that! i have my favourites obviously, but i think any band that are able to get to the point of being able to release an album deserve some credit.
    what is up w/ this band always talking about killing or burning your friends? wtf i would never do that to my friends unless they asked me too.
    DUH andrewjf its a metephor for burning your friends as they have stabbed you in the back! aidens lyrics are much more meaningful than just burning your friends coz they feel like it! core blimey idiot.