Black Dog Barking review by Airbourne

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  • Released: May 17, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.6 (51 votes)
Airbourne: Black Dog Barking

Sound — 7
Australian hard rockers Airbourne are making a bold 2013 return with their new studio album, titled "Black Dog Barking." Airbourne have been boldly tackling the music world since 2003 with their powerful combination of screaming falsetto vocals and heavy guitar work, which was heavily distributed throughout the band's previous two studio albums. When it comes to "Black Dog Barking," the members of Airborne continue to do exactly what they have demonstrated to do best: create standout rock and roll anthems. The band doesn't fool around with new musical styles or experimental territories, as they stick to a continuous mid-paced pace built around contagious riffs and chorus chanters. Whether it's the properly chosen lead single "Live It Up," the instantly memorable "Ready To Rock," or the slightly AC/DC-esque "Firepower," you can't go wrong. Once again, Airbourne deliver a righteous collection of '80s style rock and roll songs that'll doesn't overstay it's welcome, and will leave you singing along to the choruses by the second listen.

Lyrics — 6
To say lead vocalist Joel O'Keeffe has a dynamic vocal range would be an understatement. Although it does admittedly sound a bit reaching at times, Joel reaches insanely high notes throughout the entire album. The members of Airbourne similarly provide some nostalgic group backup vocals that bear a heavy resemblance to those of Def Leppard, which helps give "Black Dog Barking" a significant classic hair metal vibe.

Overall Impression — 7
All in all, Airbourne give a continuously nostalgic performance throughout "Black Dog Barking" that any hard rock or hair metal fan would find worthwhile. The entire album is simply pulsating with top notch tracks, but a few that stand out the most are "Firepower," "Back In The Game," and "Ready To Rock."

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    Say what you will about these guys but you'll be hard pressed to find a higher energy live show. You'll never say they half ass a show, that's for sure... A solid rock band who quite obviously and proudly wear their influences on their sleeve...
    I agree, saw them at Download and O'Keefe actually climbed onto the top of the entire stage. Which was probably about 50ft high and played guitar up there for a bit. EPIC!
    Did it at Rock im Park, too. That australien motherfu--er is fu--in' crazy, man Gave 110 percent at the show. Respect for that guy. ..and he smashes beer-cans with his head what is, in my opinion, pretty cool
    Well said. They give it their all live, and that's how they like to be heard. Airbourne is a band that's found what they want to be, which is just bare-bones beer-fuelled Rock N' Roll, and while they may not have a major evolution with every record they deliver a solid studio product constantly. You get what you pay for; no tricks, no sudden direction changes, just Rock.
    They are probably one of the most unoriginal bands in the world, but they're albums are fun. It's hard to not like these guys cos they know their not breaking barriers in music, but they just want to have fun. Plus, if you see them live, you more than get your moneys worth, Joel has literally risked his life multiple times to entertain people he doesn't know, how many musicians are that dedicated.
    Just listened to the album in full and WOW. this is a fantastic rock n roll album. If you listen to it and aren't pumped up about it then something is wrong with you. The backing vocals are a bit over produced but in this case, it's not a bad thing. I say this is their best so far. Can't wait to hear more.
    That is the worst review UG have ever done. That was pitiful. Minimal information and the score doesnt reflect what he said. I havent picked up the album yet but from what I've heard so far, its going to be just as good as the previous two.
    I almost want to say something bad, but its just the fact that the gang vocals appear on literally every single song, and it just wears off on you easily..
    I had this album on my ipod rotation for about a week. I am bored of it now. That being said, if there was ever a house party that needed some party music I'd put this on in a heartbeat. Its not complicated music and thats how most music should be.
    The only 2 bad things one could say about Aribourne is: 1 - Sometimes they sound too much like AC/DC; 2 - Religious folks are always gonna say that some of their songs are kinda satanic. Well, it may be so, but Airbourne are still an awesome, energetic rock band.
    I'm Christian and I've never considered any their music satanic, not religious in any way but not in any way satanic.
    I never really was into ACDC hard rock stuff. I saw Airbourne back in 2011 Sonisphere France. And their show was ****ing. amazing. They were not headline, but raped all the others bands that day. As I said, I am not too much into ACDC, but I love Airbourne, which proves me something is really different between the two bands. I didn't had the time to listen to that new record, I am really impatient to finaly have my holiday and get the time, but a 5 lines reviews is definitly not enough for a that major record.
    I like AC/DC, but otherwise I couldn't agree more. Also, a 6.7 review has to tell something 'bout why it didn't get full score. Reading the text would make it sound like at least 9 points. There's only words of praise in the text, and still just 6.7....
    Coming from a guitar player. Their tone is brutal when it comes to rock and roll. I know the only way i'll get that tone is if i get a marshall. I don't have the money to do that but I LOVE their rock tone. As for originality, talk to the band. They ARE ORIGINAL. Their musical influences they wear on their shoulder but they have their own personal stamp on each song. Airbourne is just getting started. They're young upbeat and full of energy. I own all the albums so far and i cant get enough of AIRBOURNE!
    They sound like AC/DC and the singer wants to look like James Hetfield.
    aha airbourne stole from acdc... if you're gonna put it that way AC/DC stole from Chuck Berry....