No Guts. No Glory. Review

artist: Airbourne date: 03/08/2010 category: compact discs
Airbourne: No Guts. No Glory.
Released: Mar 8, 2010 (Europe), Apr 20, 2010 (USA)
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Label: Roadrunner (U.S.) / EMI
Number Of Tracks: 13
These group of pure, beer drinkin' women shaggin' Aussies know how to rock and or roll and they do it well.
 Sound: 6
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 8.3
No Guts. No Glory. Reviewed by: kalydascope, on march 08, 2010
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Sound: Runnin' Wild, Airbourne's debut album was a smasher. It was pure rock. It was guitars, drums, bass and the absolutely scream of Joel O'Keefe's vocals. Sound Similar? Yeah sure, but this group of Aussies really got the pure rock sound well. Now, second album? If you think about it, if it works, why change it? Airbourne's second album 'No Guts. No Glory' is what every Airbourne fan would want, even more. The album itself is pure rock just like their debut album, but this one has a change that most listeners will hear. But it's not a bad thing, Airbourne in this album has become very rhythmic with their songs. When it comes to songs such as 'Blonde, Bad and Beautiful', the backing vocals aren't just yelling into the microphone, it's singing. Everything fits well and is a very smooth sound, unline 'Runnin Wild's in your face rock n roll. Now, in some cases, people won't like that. But overall the songs are well composed and have a sound which will give everyone's ear a little bit of a excitement. But of course, Airbourne's fast tempo, headbangin' songs are still in their, 'It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over' starts off with a very pleasing guitar solo by Joel, and then pumps out a quick beat which blows you away. The recording of this album is very straight forward, but that really brings out Airbourne's straight sound. Johnny K (3 Doors Down, Staind) produced this album and did a darn good job. Everything is crisp and every drum beat pumps out of my speakers. Honestly, Airbourne have put it in another gear. // 8

Lyrics: With the similarities varying, If you let your friends listen the first words would most probably be "Is this AC/DC?" Or "They sound like AC/DC". But put that aside Airbourne really does get that AC/DC sound with the lyrics. Each song has one line choruses and Verses which pump out a heavy line every beat and after all that rip out a juicy solo which you make you smile. The Lyrics are very analogical. 'Bottom Of The Well' really looks at not giving up and being strong. 'I'm Breaking Through Hell, From the Bottom of the Well." These lyrics really say 'I will not die, I will make and I will strive to win.' Of course, Airbourne's sexual lust is still there. "Blonde, Bad and Beautiful' looks at, well, should I explain? Oh what the hell, the lyrics are classic Airbourne and AC/DC, and many 80's bands. "She's got the, long legs to prove it, the back end to move it." Reminisent of to me, Kiss lyrics. Kiss looked at the woman as 'Hotter than Hell' and 'Strutter'. These lyrics are so rock n roll they pretty much scream it. 'Steel Town', however, looks upon the working class man. Every Aussie would know that song 'Working Class Man' by Jimmy Barnes? These two songs have the same concept and both have very true lyrics. "I spend my whole life dealing, with not much in return. I think most average Joe in america or anywhere would relate to that line, right? Joel knows how to write a song and they mix with the music perfectly. // 8

Overall Impression: I say to you, Airbourne is the knight in shining armor for rock n roll. These group of pure, beer drinkin' women shaggin' Aussies know how to rock and or roll and they do it well. This album is a step up from 'Runnin' Wild', in my opinion of course. But this album is rythmic, and just has a very Kiss, and 70's AC/DC sound, and they perfect it. I understand that people will look at this and think "A group of AC/DC wannabes.' Well if that's the case mate, they're doin' a real good job of it! Rock n Roll don't get no better! // 9

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overall: 6.3
No Guts. No Glory. Reviewed by: loco999, on march 08, 2010
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Sound: AC/DC style low-gain guitars, powerfull bass and tough drums are well known thing for this band. Some times production "eats" guitar solo with too noisy open hit hat or too loud guitar and bass rhythm sections, but there's nothing special in these solo's you could miss. People say that Airboune is 100% copy of AC/DC, I woudn't agree with that. Airboune is Airbourne, AC/DC are gods. There is something in Airbournes sound that cannot give me full image of rock'n'roll like AC/DC does. In fact, can you hum a melody of any Airbourne's riff like you can do with plenty of AC/DC riffs? Like "Highway To Hell", "Back In Black", "Thunderstruck"...well "Thunderstruck" is pretty hard one to hum, but admit it, it's somewhere in back of your head. All that you may get from Airbourne is powerfull chours and good rock'n'roll lyrcs. I've found only three good songs on this album, others just sound the have intro -> verse -> chours -> verse -> chours -> solo (every solo sounds completely same) -> build-up with bass drum and hit hat wich is same on, I don't know, 10 of 13 song from these album... and then you've got chourse repeating 'till the end of the song. Huh, pretty dull. Three songs that I like are: "Bottom Of The Well": although intro riff reminds me on "For Those About To Rock". Song is about beating the bad days down. There are pretty cool chours: "I'm breaking out of hell from the bottom of the well". However, vocal melody on chourse reminds me on Offspring, don't ask me why, it just does. Like I've said I don't like sound of the solo guitar it just reminds me on sick elephant abusing its trunk :D Maybe the secret of the bad sound is that when he bends the note he never vibrates the string in the same time like the mighty Angus does, I don't know. Only bad thing about this song is that it reminds me on AC/DC's "Rock N Roll Dream". "Chewin' The Fat": to me "Chewin' The Fat" is only reason I will keep this album on my iPod. This song has more original riff then other songs, it has well-shaped vocal verse melody and pretty beautiful chours vocal melody supported with unusual guitar riff for this genre. "Armed & Dangerous": cool intro with smashing chords supporetd with heavy rain of crash cymbals followed with really powerfull guitar riff. Best thing in intro is bass. When the rhytm begins the power of Streety's bass is taking you down like a heavy tank. Chours are cool, but there's nothing that can compare to the last build-up when the tempo and speed of the song raise and then the solo and the chours hit you in the head like a train. // 4

Lyrics: Rock 'n' roll is not a poetry and that's the fact. I don't expect from rock'n'roll to be lighted with higher visions of love or something like that. I expect from rock'n'roll to get me up, to make wanna break sometihng, to make me wanna shout it out loud. And that's exactly what I can get from Airbourne. You can't hear no moaning or crying from these guys. You can only hear: Fight for rock'n'roll! Booze! Women! Hard Workin'! Joel's vocals are really great, he's screaming out all what he got. Even when he needs to put up some meoldies he fits in just perfect. Can't say nothing against his vocal performance. // 10

Overall Impression: They've made the same mistake like AC/DC with "Black Ice". You can't get commercial stadium rock'n'roll from raw Aussie pub rock. However, Airbourne did it in smaller dose than AC/DC but still you can feel it in melodical chourses like "Chewin the Fat", "Blonde, Bad and Beautiful" or "No Way, But the Hard Way". I like more their first record "Runnin' Wild" because is raw and really fast. This one reminds me a lot on AC/DC's "Black Ice", but it's only my opinion. // 5

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