Runnin' Wild review by Airbourne

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  • Released: Jun 25, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (111 votes)
Airbourne: Runnin' Wild

Sound — 9
Aussie rockers "Airbourne" released their debut album on June 23rd. The first single "Runnin' Wild" grabs you and never lets go, so I was very excited to hear the rest of the album and was very, very pleased with what I heard. Airboure's sound is that of a young rock legend, AC/DC. Their sound is just plain Rock 'n' Roll laced with fun riffs and understated solos.

Lyrics — 9
All right people/Welcome to the show/Are you ready to rock? /Are you ready to go?/Now we've got what you want/And we've got what you need/So get your ass down here/And let your ears bleed, Stand Up For Rock'N'Roll. It's as clear a statement of intent as you're ever likely to hear. One verse that says everything you need to know about Melbourne four piece Airbourne and their debut album, Runnin' Wild: forget your worries, get down to the front of the stage and lose your mind to some ear-bleeding, sweat-soaked rock'n'roll. Or, as the song continues, Drink your beer/Drink your wine/Let's have a good time. Joel O'Keeffe's volcals remind you of a young Bon Scott or Jesse James Dupree from Jackyl and the lyrics go hand-in-hand with the sound of the album with emphysis on girls, living fast and more girls, with cuts like "Cheap Wine, Cheaper Women, Girls in Black, Runnin' Wild and their second release "Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast".

Overall Impression — 10
From the album's fist-pumping title track to the anthemic What's Eatin' You and the self-explanatory rock explosions of Girls In Black and Cheap Wine, Runnin' Wild is an exercise in booze-and-sweat soaked rock'n'roll that isn't looking to change the world by abolishing Free Trade, but simply provide the ultimate soundtrack to the biggest all-night party there is.

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    actually they are from warnambool, they live in melbourne now. i got this today its bloody awesome. cant wait until randoms start accusing ACDC clonage...
    gigi winter
    bloody awsum band and hu ever says they sound like AC/DC needs to listen to othersongs apart from too much too young too fast good 2 c another new band that isnt goin dwn the shitty commercialised path
    Mr Montana
    They do sound like ACDC. But it's a good, fun ACDC album at that so it's all good
    These Guys Rock. And yes, they do sound a bit like AC/DC, but thats a good thing coz there music is awesome.
    Yes it is a good thing that they sound like AC/DC. What a band, Joel can sing great, and play guitar even better! Fuckin great!
    what can i say?this band is GREAT!in our world,full of emo crap,rap,screamo nonsense,there is one band that stands out in my eyes.Airbourne.These guys know what they're what if they sound a bit like AC/DC?AC/DC is a great band and i'm happy to say that Airbourne is our modern day AC/DC!did i forget to mention the singer/lead(?)guitar is kinda like a combination of Angus Young and Bon Scott? this band has lots of potential and i can't wait until they get famous all over the world like the rock legends,AC/DC.
    Battery Chicken
    AC/DC have been releasing the same album for 20 years and it would appear these pisshead bogans have decided to jump on the bandwagon and release an AC/DC album too. If listening to rehashed genres is yout thing then this is the album for you.
    It's not even funny how exactly the same as AC/DC they are. And no, that isn't a good thing. Even if I thought AC/DC weren't offensively overrated it would still be a very bad thing. I saw Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast on Kerrang today, I assumed it was a cover of a DC song I'd not heard. [Although I do own Back In Black, so there isn't a DC song I've not heard] I listened to most of all the songs on their myspace before anyone says anything. But yeah, I don't see how you can applaud them for doing something different to the current music scene if they're gonna clone another band anyway.
    Got it today aswell. One of the best things I've heard in ages. Its good to know that in the midst of all this Fall Out Boy and bands that start with 'The' emo stuff, there is still a band that knows good ol' Rock n Roll!
    Its a shame they don't have their own way off playing rather than rippin' off 'DC, good musicians but so little originality. Their like Trivium and 'Tallica. Release your own stuff guys.
    This album is completely awesome. and too all those noobs going on about ac/dc cloning. It does sound like ac/dc, correct, there influences are clear, but they also list a love for motorhead, and if you listen to most songs on the album, they actually play like 5 times faster than ac/dc tunes so they do add there own style to the genre. Frankly id rather have a band making good time rock n roll, theres too many bands trying to make experimental now, all those bands are pretty boring, cause while they try to create new genres, the music certainly isnt fun, and doesnt get me going at all.
    WTF, the people who say AC/DC suck are fags, they are the greatest rock band in the world! They are way better then Led Zeppelin, no offense. Airbourne is bringin the old days back the way music should be, not this shi* a*s linkin park crap, green day, blink 182, all those crappy emo bands!
    I wouldn't say they are much better than Led Zeppelin. They both, for sure, are great rock n roll bands, but both in different way..while AC/DC is plain simple, Led Zep was more complex, but i miss the energy, that's why I prefer AC/DC. But I am huge fan of both of them. And to Airbourne..I love them, they indeed bring back the ol' rock n roll sound which I thought was dead since grunge :-/. But these guys proved me I was wrong. You can hear they are deffinitly influenced by their country fellas. Between being influenced and copying somebody is thin border, but they didn't exceed it. Encore please!