Runnin' Wild review by Airbourne

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  • Released: Jun 25, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.4 (111 votes)
Airbourne: Runnin' Wild

Sound — 10
If you are like me, just waiting for that rock band with a grinding, in-your-face, kick you in the ass sound, well, Airbourne is your band! The band is called "pub rock", joining the likes of rock legends AC/DC, to whom they can be compared to. With solid, heart thumping drums, followed by steady bass, and two guitars that sound like they are ripping through the over-loaded amps, the band's eleven song album is just right for all you rock and roll fans out there.

Lyrics — 10
Joel O'Keeffe provides ear-shaddering vocals through out the whole album. The songs are about the simple things in life:cheap booze, cheap women and sex. I mean, who can argue with that? Not to mention the harmony of back up singers David Rhodes (guitar) and Justin Street (bass) that just adds sprinkles 2 the cake.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, this is a great album that gives you a break from the pop and emo bands of the world today by pumping your ears full of good old dirty rock and roll. The whole album is graet, but some of the better songs are "Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast", "Runnin Wild" and the sure to be rock anthem, "Stand Up For Rock And Roll". For all the classic rock fans out there, this is perfect. If it was stolen/lost, I would but one instantly, maybe even two!

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    F8iscruel wrote: hm what is it whith australians beign amazing good with hardrock/blues music or i should call it pub rock.
    beer. beer and happy hour. and also the fact that the rock population here is usually pretty nuts. im not a big musical genius but airbourne seems to actually use a bit more musical talent then AC/DC. everyone always bitches about acdc using 3 chords. well heres acdc using about 6 per song. like?
    These guys are amazing! and there getting big now aswell, and yes they do sound like AC/DC which is good because AC/DC are amazing aswell and besides AC/DC are there main influence.
    this is ac/dc#1fan(3rd review).and i do agree 4 both sides,they do,and dont sound like ac/ that,i mean sum songs do,and sum dont.but here,im gunna tell u all what they sound like:they sound like a hard,fast,dirty old rock n roll band.a.k.a.Airbourne!
    Battery Chicken wrote: There is a reason Austalian pub-rock was buried, because it sucks.
    well put it this way mate, if it wasnt for AC/DC's 'pub-rock music' you wouldnt be listenin to half of the bands you are now, AC/DC are probably the most influentual band existing, AC/DC have been there and dun it and Airbourne "is" bringin back what is music, so dont search their reviews and slag them off if you dont like them, theres always 1 dick like you... ****in prick!
    I saw AC/Dc on their first tour of the UK, back in 1976. Angus was about 16 and they played in a small local hall to about 500 people. The energy and passion of that band blew me away; I`d never seen anything like it. Now I hear that energy and passion again on this CD. Those who think these guys are just cheap AC/DC copyists are wrong. Airbourne bring back the fun in rock. Too many rock bands these days are angry and depressing; Airbourne make me smile as I`m nodding my head and tapping my feet.
    Battery Chicken wrote: There is a reason Austalian pub-rock was buried, because it sucks.
    you should be shot in the face for saying this..