On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax review by Alesana

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  • Released: Jun 6, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (77 votes)
Alesana: On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax

Sound — 9
This band is one of the most original bands I've heard in a while. They are like no other. You can't compare them to anyone. They are so different. They have truely shown me what music can be. Their sound ranges from deep death-metal like screaming to that of singing like an emo band. This band is a true screamo band.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are the best part of this album. They are just so creative. They go through personal experiences to greek mythology. The lyrics go along and match their music so well. It's amazing. The vocals on this album range from death-metal screaming to singing in a whiney voice. The songs range from thrashing/hardcore like sound in Alchemy Sounded Good at the Time to a ballad like the Third Temptation of Paris. I mean these guys really do bring a lot out and don't hold anything back in their music.

Overall Impression — 10
Like I said before you really can't compare these guys to anyone. They should be a genre all of their own. The most impressive songs would have to be Apology and The Third Temptation of Paris. Personally I love everything about this album. it's just so original and I think everyone should give it a listen. Even if this review didn't persuade you. If it were stolen/lost I would buy it at soon as I could.

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    For those who say that they're your typical screamo band...they're not. Yes, they are screamo and they are a band, but they have a unique, experimental aspect to them - sort of Chiodos-ish, but different. Just shut up and buy this cd.
    the agony scene
    the vocals on this cd are amazing the screaming which got me into them is awesome people are just slating them for the "gay emo vocals" i didnt like them at first but think outside the ****ing box and appreciate them
    what?! i love the vocals they are amazing i dont see anything wrong with them. i love that really high piched singing. and the screaming is great!
    these guys do the best synchronized headbangs in the history of live music
    i love alesana truly with all my heart my fav songs are Alchamy Sounded Good at The Time and Ambrosia and Apology :]] love these guys 2 death
    look. these guys are awsum. and so r their vocals. one of the best bands around!!! i saw them at warped tour and their just as good as they sound on cd. f*** everybody that doesn't like them!
    Alesana is a pretty sweet band i really like the main screamers vocals, as well as the singing, and a couple of hardcore guitar riffs and drum lines completes the sound also, i like that it isnt glossed over, you can tell that they didnt go into a studio and generate the sounds from a computer and by the way for those who talk about "emo" and repedatively bash anything even similar to it, think about it, what music isn't emotional?
    I think that the singer has more talent when he sings than when he screams, and granted his singing isn't perfect, but its there first album, the sound is going to be a bit amateur. Personally, i love this cd, I love the creativity of this writing, and I think that in time, this band will conquer the underground scene. Another thing, alot of bands call them screamo. I think that they're metal. Apology is more screamo, but then Ambrosia isn't at all, and neither is Alchemy sounded good at the time. Even third temptation of paris isn't screamo, because he isn't complaining about personally problems. But i'm not here to start a debate, those are just my views. I bought the cd and am not dissappointed. alesana is definately one of the best new bands.
    I just borrowed this CD from my friend. It's actually alot better than I expected! Tilting the Hourglass is amazing... oh yeah. I saw these guys live at Rcktwn and they put on a CRAZY stage performance! Pleasant band. ( I loved it when one of the guitarists did a triple guitar wimdmill spin thing, broke a string, and ended "Congradulations, I Hate You" explosively!"
    I really don't see anything original with this band, and before someone bashes me. I have listened to the album and seen them live. I really don't see why everyone thinks they are so great, it's been done before so many times.
    i love (some) of the instrumental on this (the harder parts and the ending of "Pathetic, Ordinary" where the sound goes into a more technical sound), the main vocals (screams) are freaking awesome, the second screams (not the guy with the emo voice) also rocks, the whiney kid singing in emo-vocals fails =\ i can't stand him lol
    "This band is one of the most original bands I've heard in a while." Ever listened to Bless The Fall? Although I like Alesana, I mean they have a few good songs.. they're basically just the hot-topic version of BTF. The guys voice is a lot more whinier, I do like the screams though, but still can't compare to BTF.