Where Myth Fades To Legend review by Alesana

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  • Released: Jun 3, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (102 votes)
Alesana: Where Myth Fades To Legend

Sound — 9
This band is simply amazing when it comes to innovating sound. The whole sound of the band has changed entirely from album to album. They scream A LOT more. Although it wasn't as good as On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax, Where Myth Fades To Legend has some catchy tracks. Such as This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream, Sweetheart You Are Sadly Mistaken, and Obsession Is Such An Ugly Word. They have one piano track on this album, called As You Wish. It's not as good as Early Mourning or The Third Temptation of Paris, but Shawn's sister is back to sing in it and she does a great job. The sound of this album is a lot more angry and heavy sounding. They still kept their emo style though. Anyone who was a fan of the first or second albums should pick up a copy of this. There is a lot you're going to miss if you don't/.

Lyrics — 10
I can barely understand what they're saying. But the screams and (from what i DO understand) it is very well put together and thoroughly thought out. Especially in As You Wish, he starts out as "Life is meaningless..." Shows that they still are keeping that dark, emotional side of the lyrics. Overall, they're amazing. 10/10

Overall Impression — 10
Where to start? This band is one of the most unique bands out there. There really is no one else like them. Some of the best songs are the ones with the double bass and epic sound such as Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming. They should really make more songs like that and Congratulations, I Hate You on their previous album. The double bass and rhythmic guitar and vocals make a very emotional, dramatic, and great sounding tune. My personal favorite on the album is Sweetheart You're Sadly Mistaken. Mostly because they go from heavy metal and screamo screams to this light, happy, bouncy bridge with it all blending together flawlessly. It is undoubtedly the most catchy song on the record and the most unique. They should seriously consider making it a single. This band did NOT fail to amaze me in this record. This band has agreat things ahead of them and anyone a fan of screamo, or this band will enjoy the hell out of this record.

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    in my opinion, the ratings are too high. this album is very average with some highlights. dont get me wrong, i love the band - frail wings was an awesome CD but this one seems off the mark. particularly with shawn's clean vocals. serious tuning issues and though i respect the decision not to use auto-tune, i cant help but it would improve the CD considerably
    i wish bands like this would stop appearing on headbanger's ball all i could think of was how dumb they looked with the black shirts, red ties, and emo-cuts
    Hmm... I'd say the scream LESS on this album not more. Anyway, I agree that the rating is a bit high. Frail Wings was an amazingly memorable album, while this one is still great, it's not amazing.
    i think this album is great. sure frail wings is a bit better, there is nothing wrong with this album. they don't have tuning issues...everyone says that. they just simply use strange chords, its that simple.
    nice review one question though, what is the name of the 14th track? i thought there was only 13 (on the one i got at least)
    it's a pretty good album...but shawn's vocals just make me cringe most of the time. he was much better on FWOVAW and even then, they weren't spectacular.
    YEESSS I HAVE IT! Great Review, good work Well, I love every previous song of Alesana's and hearing each of their new tracks just make me love them !! Their new songs totally roock Im gonna tab em out yess I AM !! Cheers!! ..::RaiLeff::.. [!]
    blackborrego wrote: alesana on front page of UG omg im starting to feel sick ! awful emo shit !
    Heh, because the world's taste in music should alter to suite you... makes perfect sense...
    i agree with keeping them off headbangers ball, this is simply screamo at its definition
    The album is awesome. I think its just about as good as Frail Wings. With the tuning on the vocals, I dont think its really that big of an issue. And to blackborrego; cry about it some more