Captain Morgan's Revenge review by Alestorm

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  • Released: Jan 25, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (14 votes)
Alestorm: Captain Morgan's Revenge

Sound — 10
Can you picture a pirate playing guitar in a power metal band? How about singing or playing drums? Here's what they really would look like: Alestorm! Scottish Pirate Metal as the y deem themselves may be better titled as Scottish Pirate Power Metal but so be it. These rock and roll pirates really put all others in the brigg in their first record Captain Morgan's Revenge lashing out at all ye scurvy land-lubbers to pump yer fists in th' air! Over the Seas pretty characterizes what Alestorm is all about from the very beginning of the record. It is very shantey-like and has heavily distorted guitar with piratey vocalism and keyboard leads. This sound carries the band across the North Sea the whole way through their record and never lets them down. They have one of the most original sounds of any metal band ever to walk the planet... or sail around it. Take as thy wilt.

Lyrics — 9
Vocalist and keytarist Christopher Bowes rips out the hearts of scally-wags with his pirate-slurred crunchy vocal while maintaining a certain level of clarity. All of the songs are about either sailing for treasure, battling at sea or getting drunk in a pub. Beside the Flower of Scotland of course. 01.Over the Seas: very powerful opening track with excellent lyrics. Possibly best on record. 9/10 02.Captain Morgan's Revenge: excellent title track and also possibly the best song on the record. Lyrics flow very nicely and the song has a fun chorus. 9.5/10 Huntmaster: Heavier than the first two tracks but not the best song on record. 5/10 Nancy the Tavern Wench: Very good little power ballad here with fun lyrics. 8/10\ Death Before the Mast: First thrash song on here. Nice riff and drumming with possibly the best lyrics on the album. 8.5/10 03.Terror on the High Seas: still thrashy but definately not best song on album. Not melodic enough. 6/10 04.Set Sail and Conquer: similar theme to Death Before the Mast but not quite as good. 7.5/10 05.Of Treasure: somewhat similar to Captain Morgan's Revenge in meaning but nice and slow. Average. 7/10 06,Wenches and Mead: this is the funniest song and can be played over and over again and not get old. 8/10 07.Flower of Scotland: somewhat unusual way to end a record butnot too bad anyway. Well done with the vocal and intrumental arrangements. 7/10

Overall Impression — 10
There is nothing like Alestorm out there right now but I heard that a new album by the band is coming out and it is titled Black Sails At Midnight. I am really looking forward to it because this record is pretty darn good. While Alestorm weren't the first band to have a pirate-themed album, they still do a break-through job and certainly convince me of their skill. Some people think it's all a load of hogwash but it isn't. Best songs: Over the Seas, Captain Morgan's Revenge, Death Before the Mast and Wenches and Mead. Have fun with this record and don't take it too seriously.

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    hatecrewtabber wrote: best ever album I love their new song wolves of the sea!!!
    Tis good but not theirs. Tis a cover of the song Latvia entered with in eurovision. Alestorm's is better in my opinion just thought i'd correct you.
    I was talking to Chris Bowes and he mentioned to me that the new album will contain a cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song, "He's a Pirate" or whatever it's called.
    MetalManic 666
    im not really in 2 pirate metal but i did enjoy this album.... i only really downloaded coz alestorm are scottish lol
    Definitely one of the more interesting and amusing (both entertaining and somewhat funny) CD to hit the metal scene in a LONG time. Once the novelty wears off, its still enjoyable.
    This album is very well done! The keyboard (which reminds me of an accordian) mixed with the guitar sounds so pirate-like. It's really nice to hear a metal band singing about drinking and pirate like things as appose to blood and gore. Also, I have heard their new album in its entirety, and it is also amazing and extremely similar to Captain Morgan's Revenge. Love this band... would love to see them live (apparently they sound pretty good).