Crisis review by Alexisonfire

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  • Released: Aug 22, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (132 votes)
Alexisonfire: Crisis

Sound — 10
Alexisonfire have always been one of my favorite bands, and after hearing "Crisis" that has not change one bit. However, I must admit it did take a few listents to really get to like the record. Previous to "Crisis", Alexisonfire have been viewed to be a more hardcore band. "Watch Out!" and "Alexisonfire" are both two great albums, but the sound is slightly different in "Crisis". There is still the same amazingly catchy guitar riffs, and Dalla's voice is also amazing, but George, I find has drastically changed his screamo stlye. His words are now a lot clearer than before on "Alexisonfire" and "Watch Out!" Personally I found that the bass didn't quite stand out as much as it did on previous albums. However, overall this is an awesome album.

Lyrics — 10
Alexisonfire lyrics have matured quite a bit since "Alexisonfire" and "Watch Out!" They are typically about a Crisis that a town or city is going throgh. They are very well written, and very entertaining. In relation to the singing skills, they are second to none. Dallas is just simply amazing, and keeps improving every record. George has also improved his screamo style by adding more clarity to the words.

Overall Impression — 10
Here is a track rating of the album: 01. Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints - this is an amazing opening track that dives right into a typical alexis sound. 02. This Could Be Anywhere In The World - the first single of the record, and a great choice. Extremly catchy, great new sound. 03. Mailbox Arson - at first I couldnt stand this song, but after only a few listens it quickly became one of my favorites on the album. 04. Boiled Frogs - another great track, very interesting lyrics. 05. We Are The Sound - great song, but took some time until I really got to like it. 06. You Burn First - I'm not really sure why they made this song, or how it even ended up on the record. I really hate this song. 07. We Are The End - excellent song to help get my mind off of "You Burn First". Great hooks. 08. Crisis - probably the heaviest song on the album, not one of my favorites though. 09. Keep It On Wax - this relaly took some time. I just wasn't "feeling" this song as much as the others, but it's still an OK song. 10. To A Friend - this is one of the most amazing on the record. It has a slightly new sound and is just absolutly brilliant. Dallas really shines on this track. 11. Rough Hands - very nice song to close with. A bit softer than everything on the album, but sitll very good.

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    This albumis equally as good as Watch Out!. The change up in Vocals between Wade McNeil, Geroge Petit and Dallas Green works wonders. A thought: If you had someone with a harmonic voice as good as Dallas Green's, Why wouldnt you use it? Love this album 12 killer tracks
    More like Gared Mistaken for Wade. Hahahaha! I'm sorry, bad joke. Anyways, I think the album's good, but I disagree with the reviewer who said it was "less rocking". If anything, this album is more rocking, because of the huge production on it. Their older stuff was more abrasive, if that's what they were thinking of.