Watch Out! review by Alexisonfire

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  • Released: Jun 29, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (58 votes)
Alexisonfire: Watch Out!

Sound — 10
Watch Out! shows a side of Alexis that will likely never be seen again. With their 2nd album - of which is noticebly less raw, an artistic, atmospheric side is shown. Long intro's and outro's that could paint pictures in your mind are revealed, group chants are sung, and their first hint of showing a melodic side is revealed in No Transitory. Another large difference between this album and that of other Alexisonfire albums is that each instrument is equally heard, the bass, the guitars, and the drums, aswell as the vox. All equally representing yet still meshing together to make an amazing sound. Also to be noted is Dallas' emergance as one of Canada's greatest singers.

Lyrics — 7
This is definetly not the bands best show of lyrics, however it is not terible. there is both good and... well, different. Songs such as Accidents display in beauty one's mournign of being in a hospital where a polar opposite is shown in Hey Mama! It's Your Funeral as a Go-Kart race is told. Don't count on it for anything more than mediocre however.

Overall Impression — 9
This album shows the sort of progression any band would dream of seeing, and yet it will go, for the most part, unnoticed despite it's amazing sense of artistic ability. This is and forever will be the dark-horses of their album. It is the one people will turn a blind eye to, that shows emotion and climax's not through what's their - but for what is not through the general feeling of the music, and not for a moment should one doubt this to be their best album, or at least to date.

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    This album is sick! Way different from their debut but by far better. Poeple can say the can do better or worst but who cares they still rock, and lets not forget that in 2001 starting with thier "Math Worksheets Demos" that they practically invented SCREMO! The sound from Dallas is Amazing and goes perfect with the whole album. And As for Gorges Sreams well their just to impressive to Comment. The riffs on guitars are just Amazing as well as the drums. The Bass Slides in and goes pefect with the rythem. The lyrics are amazing And go well with the songs. If You're a begging fan it will take a while to get into the album escpecailly if you're not a fan of the whole Screming sound. but i promise you you will eventually be pleased. I recommend that you begin to listen to " Sharks and Danger" the begging is slow but you'll learn it goes with the lyrics and the whole point of the song. But once it gets into rythem its just Amazing especailly at the end with RAZOR WIRE ending so ef off sector_seven. And i would also reccomend you listen to "Happieness By The Kilowatt" Greens voice is amazing and the guitar riffs are rad!Jesse's drumming couldnt get better and its just a pefect song My personal favorites are the songs "Side walk When She Walks", "Sharks and Danger", "Girl Possessed"' and "Happiness By The Kilowatt" I Bought the album and every person i meet who hasnt heard to them i give them a copy of the Cd and within a week they always say they love IT. If I were to lose this album i would be totally divestated for the great lost and would be depressed for the whole time i have to wait to buy the album again, AND Buy every copy of the album on the self. its amazing How ever it is way different from Crisis so you may be disspoint4d from the dramatic shift.
    this album was kick ass, the music was great, singing, screaming went hand and hand, lyrics were kinda irrelevant at times, (Go carts?? haha) but still it made for a great album! and im going to say, Happiness by the kilowatt is probably the best song off this album, I mean you can literally play that to anyone! and anyone will enjoy it. and @burnxinxhell there isn't one guy who screams and sings, i think you know that but just how you stated it in your review it seems like you think theres only 1 guy who does the singing and screaming, George screams, dallas sings
    AllMidnightEyes wrote: I really do like this album a lot. Took me awhile to get into it though.
    same but now ther my favourite band