Black Gives Way To Blue review by Alice in Chains

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  • Released: Sep 29, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (174 votes)
Alice in Chains: Black Gives Way To Blue

Sound — 9
This album sounds just like traditional Alice in Chains, the vocals trippy, lyrics dark, and the rythem and beats masterfully playing out. Since the death of the lead singer of the band, Layne Staley, Alice in Chains has been on hiatus, and when the band regrouped in 2006 to tour and make "Black Gives Way To Blue," they made the title song "Black Gives Way to Blue" for Staley. With new singer William DuVall, the band is looking forward to some possible new albums, but as guitarest Jerry Cantrell of the band put "I don't see continuing as Alice and replacing somebody." The CD used many of their past albums' innovative sounds, from the distorted singing in "What the Hell Have I," which appears on this album in the song "A Looking in View," which includes the double voice singing that they had in this song, "Got me Wrong," and "I Stay Away." The music in this album is fantastic, and up their in the rankings with "Jar of Flies" and "Alice in Chains."

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics really hit home in this CD, giving a very dark look at things, since most of it is dedicated to former singer Layne Staley. The words are also perfect for the mood of the song. The words are sing in a way that make them somewhat repetitive, such as in the song "Your Decision." The lyrics and music, like I said earlier, work perfectly together, adding mood to any movement of the instrument. DuVall performed very well in the place of Staley, might I add. He sings quiet well, and quite a lot like Staley. Jerry Cantrell gives good back-up lyrics, as he always does.

Overall Impression — 9
I think that it compares very well with the other albums of Alice and Chains, and that this CD shows the potential of the new Alice, though they may change their name in respect to Staley. The most impressive songs from the album are "Check My Brain," "Black Gives Way To Blue," "Acid Bubble," "When the Sun Rose Again," and "Take Her Out." By the amount of songs that are very noteworthy, you can only guess how good this album is. I love the ability to make the same kind of effects on two songs that are back to back sound so different. DuVall did beautifully with the lyricism and sounding like Staley, and I also love the great guitar playing of Jerry Cantrell. I hate that some of the songs on this album have either no meaning, or don't sound very good. Also, they are getting the RHCP disease. One of these days, all of their songs are going to sound the same. "Lesson Learned" and "Last Of My Kind" are good examples of this. Also, in "Last Of My Kind," DuVall sounds nothing like the Alice in Chains I once knew, which kind of turned me off of the CD. If it were stolen I might buy it again, or if I lost it. It depends on how much it would cost. If they wanted more than $12 for it, I wouldn't get it again. ITunes has great prices on it, and that is where I initially got it, and I must say that I felt like I was jipping ITunes out of the deal from the price of the CD compared to how much I paid.

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    This album rocks. First, Layne would have been proud and would have Rocked this album. But we don't have the benefit of having that happen, do we. Second, Just saw AIC in Seattle at The Paramount (Perfect Venue - The Accoustic's are absoluteley Awesome Here). They nailed every song, and sounded stronger than ever. I saw AIC twice in their earlier years (living in Seattle and being a serious AIC, Nirvana, Sound Garden Listener) how could you not support the local guy's. This was absoluteley the tightist they had ever been. All in all, great job guy's.
    Being a long time fan of AIC I can yes, it's not the same with Staley, but the essence of the band is still there. I like this album soley for the fact that this the bands way of moving on, but never ever forgetting their brother. From front to back, this album is tight and well put together. DuVall is great addition to the band and Cantrell is a genious like always. \m/ Hope, A new beginning Time, Time to start living - like just before we died. There's no going back to the place - We've started from.
    Not only do I love this CD. Not only do I love AIC... But i think this was the best album of 2009. It was a dead year in music for my tastes... AIC saved the day. Er, year.