Jar of Flies review by Alice in Chains

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  • Released: Jan 25, 1994
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (72 votes)
Alice in Chains: Jar of Flies

Sound — 8
A 7-song acoustic EP released in January 1994. This album shows a side of Alice In Chains we previously had not seen. They still had haunting yet melodic songs but they were performed on acoustic guitars, but most of the solos were done on electric guitar. I liked the concept. I also noticed, you don't hear that much drums on this album that was the only thing that I disliked about the sound because Sean Kinney is an amazing and innovative drummer.

Lyrics — 9
Layne Staley did most of the songwriting on this album, writing 4 out of 7 songs. But as always, Jerry Cantrell's "No Excuses" produced the biggest hit. Jar of Flies is a very lyrical album, you can feel exactly how Layne is feeling through his vocal work, he sang like a bird. From a blissful yet somber, "Nutshell" to a more postitive "No Excuses" Layne did it again, amazing us all.

Overall Impression — 10
I love this album to a certain extent that I won't let anyone borrow it. Jar of Flies is the first and only EP to debut at number one. I think that is a very interesting statisitic and I think that fact alone speaks for itself. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this album because I guarantee that you will love it. If it got lost or stolen I would definatley buy it again. And for just 7 songs on it you probably will love 6. It's well worth the money so go pick up Alice In Chains 4th album Jar Of Flies.

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    I didn't know they released an acoustic EP. I've had their Unplugged album for a year now, and I absolutely adore it. Easily one of the best live CDs ever made.
    Nutshell is an absolutely amazing song. This one has brother on it right? amazing...
    I was here
    killer album love the first track, 2nd track, i stay away, and no excuses, sorry i just forgot the names of the first two songs
    Savage Animal
    the live version of Nutshell is one of the best songs ive ever heard performed. also one of the most depressing
    Fuck yeah diffently an amazing album, Layne's vocals were alwayz the shit not matter what mood he was in, Jerry's guitar playing is one of the best. If you dont have an AIC cd you suck dick! You dont know what your missing but for the others keep that shit playing. Peace, Love, Empathy!