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artist: Alice in Chains date: 08/03/2006 category: compact discs
Alice in Chains: Sap
Release Date: Feb 1992
Label: Columbia
Genres: Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge
Number Of Tracks: 5
"Sap" served notice that there was a great deal more depth to Alice In Chains than their debut had let on, hinting at the potential that would be realized with "Dirt".
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
Sap Reviewed by: DownInAHole., on august 03, 2006
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Sound: Alice In Chains' second studio release. This album shows a different side of them and lets you see how versatile they CD be. Yep, that's right, it's is an all acoustic EP. This album has a more somber tone than 1993's Jar Of Flies, Alice's second acoustic EP. Very catchy guitar playing and brilliant vocals by Layne Staley. // 9

Lyrics: I'd have to be crazy not to give this album's lyrics a 10. Very brilliant songwriting predominantly by Jerry Cantrell. Like I said, a very somber tone brougth out by Layne's glass-shattering lyrics. It's amazing what Jerry and Layne CD do as a team. I think the lyrics were very brilliant. // 10

Overall Impression: Not Alice's best work but definitely on worth buying. It is an EP so you CD find it cheap at any music retailer. If I lost this album I would probably buy it again because it's a good one for the CD collection. I really liked the song "Am I Inside" wish it was a single. So go get Sap! // 8

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overall: 10
Sap Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 24, 2005
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Sound: Not many people know about this album, but I think this album is definatley worth listening to. It kinda goes along with the album after it "Jar Of Flies" in it's melodic sence, but this album seems to be more dark and depressing then Jar Of Flies. The sound holds true to basic Alice In Chains style, but there are acoustic guitars on this album. Such can be heard on the track "Right Turn," which was a dewet with Soundgarden/Audioslave singer Chris Cornell. Although there are only 5 songs on this album (including one hidden track), this album is awsome in everway. // 10

Lyrics: Layne Staley is one the best song writers I've ever listened to, and this album is no different. His dark and somewhat depressing lyrics seem to take on life all their own. Alot of his lyrics are inspired by his fight against heroin, and the failed relationships he goes through. Some of the best lyrics on this album come from the songs "Got Me Wrong," and "Am I Inside," which I think are the best songs on the album. As far as I'm concerned, all of Staly's lyrics are beautiful and flawless. // 10

Overall Impression: I bought this album for $5.00, and it was worth ever penny. Everything about this album is awsome, including the hidden track, "Love Song," which is a song that I wish was a single. I recommend this album for any rock/metal fan or Alice In Chains lover like me. You will not be disapointed with this album, I promise. Even though Layne Staley is gone, his soul will live on in his music. RIP Layne Staley, and thank you for all that you've done. // 10

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