Only Forever Review

artist: Alive Like Me date: 10/08/2014 category: compact discs
Alive Like Me: Only Forever
Released: Oct 7, 2014
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Label: Rise Records
Number Of Tracks: 11
There is barely anything Risecore-like about these guys, so it's refreshing to see a young, new band get signed to a major label.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 6
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 6.7
Only Forever Reviewed by: vppark2, on october 08, 2014
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Sound: Alive Like Me are a post-hardcore band signed to Rise Records. "Only Forever" is their debut album that contains 11 tracks. After watching the two music videos released before the album date release, I noticed how different both of the songs were in comparison. "Searching for Endings" may come off as a really annoying track to some. In my case, I think it was a smart choice to release a music video for it, even though it's my least favorite track on the album. The song is possibly the softest track on the album, but in the end, the song still hits hard, from Jairus Kersey's I See Stars-like vocals (minus autotune) to Brandon Banton and Dakota Dufloth's guitar playing ability. However, the video, and song itself of "Our Time Down Here" comes off as my favorite from the album. The guitar playing is melodic, the drumming is quick and to the point, and unlike mainly Rise bands, you can actually hear the bass pretty clearly. Now it all boils down to taste. I have seen countless comments on YouTube comparing the lead vocalist to Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens to Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil to Devin Oliver of I See Stars to Trenton Woodley of Hands Like Houses to Trevor Wentworth of Our Last Night to freaking Anthony Green of Saosin. I have no idea what some of these guys are smoking, but the dude sounds like Devin Oliver without autotune. And to me, that already sounds awesome. Yes, some people will call him out as whiny, but he honestly has a fairly good range. As for instrumentation, this band sounds like a cross between Memphis May Fire, and Hands Like Houses to me. // 7


Lyrically, this isn't really the best album to look to, but there are a few songs that have some interesting lyrics. For example, in "Our Time Down Here":

"And what they don't know 
is that the place they told me I should never go
Was the place I learned to love the most
What they don't know 
is just something they forgot when they grew old
You have to fall before you grow
So I'll say thanks for the advice
The choice is mine to make tonight
I'd rather do this on my own than fall right into place
And we will never be alive
If we don't learn to live our lives
I'll run in circles till I die
Rather than have to retrace your lines."

// 6

Overall Impression: I already know people are comparing this band to other Rise bands and post-hardcore bands in the scene. I'd compare them mainly to Hands Like Houses, and that's about it. There is barely anything Risecore-like about these guys, so it's refreshing to see a young, new band get signed to a major label. Let's just hope Rise doesn't take over this band. I can name a few bands, and throw them under the bus, but I'm sure you all know what bands are in it for the money and fame, rather than the music. I can tell these guys will get huge very soon, and unfortunately, I'm sure there will be a lot of fan girls p-ssing their pants, but hey, it's all good. It's all about the music. // 7

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