Maybe I'll Catch Fire Review

artist: Alkaline Trio date: 07/28/2006 category: compact discs
Alkaline Trio: Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Released: Feb 29, 2000
Genre: Rock
Tones: Brooding, Cathartic, Playful, Bittersweet, Reflective
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Punk Revival, Punk-Pop, Emo
Number Of Tracks: 10
 Sound: 9.6
 Lyrics: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Maybe I'll Catch Fire Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 12, 2005
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Sound: I believe the sound on this CD is Alkaline Trio at their prime. Granted, their new stuff is also good, but it sounds too overproduced for my likings. This was their second studio LP release on Mike Park's Asian Man Records, and easily one of their best CDs. I'm like many others, I first picked up 'Good Mourning' and 'From Here To Infirmary' a few years ago, but it left me wanting more from these guys. So I decided to go back and check out their older stuff, and it blew my mind. First off, the vocals on this CD, in my opinion, don't stand up at all to Good Mourning. The raw emotion in their voices is heartbreaking and some times nerveracking (but in a good way). Matt Skiba's (guitar/vocals)voice has a more raw sound to it than Good Mourning (granted, that's because he had lost his voice during Good Mourning's recording process, and it's been changed since) and the bass lines are also more fluid, and more difficult to play. No offense to Dan Andriano, but it's almost like he's gone down in skill on their recent albums. The drumming is also superb, like it is on every album. Though, Glen Porter isn't quite as bombish as their current drummer, Derek Grant of the Suicide Machines. // 10

Lyrics: Their lyrics are emotional, chilling, and just overall wonderful and brilliant. That's one of the things that I respect most about this band, is that their songwriting abilities are out of this world. Take the very first line of 'Radio' for example: "Shaking, like a dog shitting razorblades." Now, that's kind of sickening, yeah, but it's genius. It's a wonderful simile. the chorus for that same song is one of the best on the record: "I've got a big, fat, f--king bone to pick, with you my darling. In case you haven't heard I'm sick and tired of trying. I wish you would take my radio to bathe with you, plugged in and ready to fall." Do yourself a favor and look up the lyrics to this album. They're some of the best written in Alk3's history. Maybe not quite as well as they wrote on Goddamnit! but it's close. 'Tuck Me In' is one of my favorite songs, lyrically, on this record. The chorus says "I fall out onto the floor, like liquid white from fallen glass, nothing to cry over." Dan's not quite up to par with Skiba, but his songs are also wonderful in their own right. Look up the lyrics to the title song "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" and see for yourself. // 10

Overall Impression: My overall impression? It's my second favorite Alkaline Trio record, and one of the best in my huge collection. There's not many low points, and when there are, you can't hear them unless you concentrate. It's a wonderful CD, Alkaline Trio at some of their best. Now all I need is the Hot Water Music split, the One Man Army split, and a legal copy of Goddamnit! and I'll have the whole collection. Every CD they have is wonderful, and this is one of their best. I do suggest you go and pick it up, especially if you've yet to buy Crimson. Go back and get acquainted with their old sound before you see their new one. And before they go on tour with My Chemical Romance in September, because then all the little yuppie emo self-centered asses will be all crazy about them. // 10

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overall: 10
Maybe I'll Catch Fire Reviewed by: e_mericana, on december 26, 2003
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Sound: This is typical early trio with solid electric guitar riffs over matt and dans melodic vocals. The guitars and bass used in this album are clearly of poorer quality than some of their recent titles. This however is more appealing as it sounds like a live show. Apart from Goddamnit this is one of the better sounding alkaline trio albums. // 10

Lyrics: From a dog shittin razorblades to it feels so right, this albums lyrics are so meaningful and their is something on this CD that everyone can relate to, whether it be a broken heart or the thoughts of suicide. This is more classic trio than their modern macabre that is associtated with Good Mourning. Overall the lyrics on this album are just superb. // 10

Overall Impression: This is my favourite alkaline trio album, the sound and the general voice of matt skiba make this album what it is. The classic Radio is probably the alkaline trio most renown and any one of the songs on this album is enough to make any listener buy it. If I lost this CD i would definitely buy another one. So if you don't have this album i strongly suggest you purchase it. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Maybe I'll Catch Fire Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 23, 2004
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Sound: When my brother first lent me this album I had only heard Good Mourning. The first couple songs on the album sounded somewhat forgettable. However, when I got nearer to the end I was completely floored by the quality. Sleepyhead, Maybe I'll Catch Fire, and of course, Radio, just blew the brains from my head. // 8

Lyrics: This album housed some of the best songwriting that I have heard in a long time. You can relate to more or less any song on the album at one point or another. I still can't get over the last few songs, both the sound quality and the earnest lyrics. // 10

Overall Impression: This is one of the better albums that I own. Even after listening to it a hundred times and playing half the songs, it hasn't gotten old. Buy it, lend it to your friend who will in turn buy it, and then go out and buy their other albums. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Maybe I'll Catch Fire Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 20, 2004
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Sound: When I bought Maybe I'll Catch Fire, I already had Good Mourning and Here To Infirmary, which were pretty damn good, so I was expecting good things from this album. what I was not expecting was for it to be the best album I'd ever heard in my life so I was pretty pleased when I listened to it and decided it was. Recored with Asian Man instead of Vagrant records like the others I owned, this album has a more raw sound which really suits the songs on it. Normally, when I first buy albumsthey become favourite until I get something else, which then becomes temporary favourite, and so on, but this album has remanied a firm favourite for all the months that I've owned it. Not every song is perfect, but I'd really recommend this to anyone, so go buy it now! // 10

Lyrics: The first song on this album, Keep'em Coming, has pretty awful lyrics which may have some maning, but if they do I'm too dumb to have noticed. The next two songs arent really up to much either but track 3 has a really pretty bass riff so I'm willing to forgive. The rest of the songs on this album are pretty kewl, tho some (She Took Him To The Lake) can be a little dull. The title track, Maybe I'llCatch Fire, is amazing, as is Radio (which I love because its easy to play, and because it was the last song they played when I saw them live). A few tracks could benefit from being a bit faster, but thats probably the only fault that I can think of. Matt Skiba's voice sounds a lot sexier on this album than the others as the record hasnt been messed with in the studio, and Dan Adriano's voice sound brilliantly emotional on bonus track I Lied My Face Off. // 6

Overall Impression: This is the best Alk3 album I've heard so far, and so I'm hoping to be impressed when I can get the cash to buy Godammit. My favourite tracks are Tuck Me In, Maybe I'll Catch Fire, Radio and Sleepyhead. The songs aren't named very well but are generally good, although I normally skip to track 4 as the first 3 arnt half as good as the others. The main thing I love about this album is Matt Skiba's voice (it's just so damn sexy!) It's a shame the other albums wernt on this record label, as the 'produced' sound loses the emotion and strength of this album. Can honestly say that if I lost this album I'd have to hang myself. I'd have to sell my beloved guitar to buy a new one. // 10

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overall: 10
Maybe I'll Catch Fire Reviewed by: Notoriousdoc, on june 27, 2005
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Sound: At their best here? I would personally say yes, this is the album before they lost the sound that was them. From the slick bass line and riffs of the opener "Keep'Em Coming" and the dark beauty of "Tuck Me In" to the ending ballad "Radio," the simplicity of the riff picked by guitarist Matt Skiba melting into Glen Porter's drumming and bassist Dan Andriano's licks. Also note the lovelorn 'You've Got So Far To Go.' // 10

Lyrics: The dark sarcasm of some songs and the bleeding heart legitation of others bring together lyrics better than more professional and experienced bands. The kind of lyrics you want when you've just broken up with or lost your significant other (like "Radio" and "She Took Him To The Lake"). // 10

Overall Impression: This is one of Alkaline trio's best accomplishments, far better than their lastest work "Crimson" and more raw than "From Here To Infirmary." If you don't have it, get it. Simple as that. If for only one song, get it for "Radio" the Trio's best loved by fans and greatest song. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Maybe I'll Catch Fire Reviewed by: alkl3rock, on march 02, 2006
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Sound: From the sound you can tell that it is an early album of theirs, if you compare it to what they have now in crimson. The pure emotion felt in the songs "F--k you aurora, I lied my face off, she took him to the lake" is anger and heartbreak. That's what this album is fuelled by drink, drugs and pure emotion. The rawness of dan and matts voice adds greatly. The guitar and bass flow where the drums have such a catchy beat to them. If you take for example the riff in she took him to the lake, pure brilliance. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are excellent and strange. In F--k You Aurora "You won't catch me behind the wheel of a chrysler ever again" the lyrics have a sense of anger and heartbreak in them. The anger in the lyrics and vocals of Dan Adriano in I lied my face off is pure "I lied myface off when I said that I would be okay, it's never fine when you go away, these cuts run deep, these scars are permanent." There is also some great duelling vocals between Skiba and Adriano in This Is Getting Over You. // 9

Overall Impression: This album is by far their best work. In comparison to Crimson there is more emotion and talent put into it. Crimson is a good album but it doesn't stand up to this. The most impressive songs on this album I think are I Lied My Face Off, Tuck Me In, You've Got So Far To Go, She Took Him To The Lake And Keep Em' Coming Not Forgetting Radio, these songs in my opinion are the best on the album but every other song is just as worthy. If I lost this album I would definitly rush out to buy it again. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Maybe I'll Catch Fire Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 28, 2006
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Sound: The sound on this cd is ok but not the best. Matt uses a lot of power chords but mixes it up nicely making for some very awesome guitar riffs. Don't beleave me just listen to madam me. Anyway the stick out instrument has to be the bass. I'm not saying Dan is the best bass player in the world, I'm just saying he dosen't follow along with the guitar. And you can tell. The bass lines totaly stick and make the music so much cooler. The drummer, well lets just say hes no Travis Barker. But thats not saying anything bad, I mean the drums are solid they just don't stick out the way the guitar and bass do. And when the guitar and bass are so good you can tell the drums are ok but not great. But overall the music is well done. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are extremely good. Some are very dark (Tuck Me In) and others about thoughts of suicide (Maybe I'll Catch Fire). The Trio have always been known for thier dark but funny lyrics and this is exception. Some are about lost love and stuff like that. I just wanna say thtat their songs are very depressing and sad. Which is good music supposed to make you feel ways, even if it is sad. // 10

Overall Impression: My overall impression, it was a very good CD. The Trio have always stuck out from others bands up intil Crimson. I use to all about Blink 182 before my frien let me have a burnt Trio CD. That's all it took. The most impressive songs on the album are Tuck Me In, Fuck You Aoura, She Took Him To The Lake, Madam Me, Radio, that's pretty much half the album. I love the dark lyrics and I love how good the bass lines are. If it were stolen I'd buy it back. If you've heard of them our not I highly suggest picking this one up. // 10

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