The Price Of Existance review by All Shall Perish

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  • Released: Aug 8, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (58 votes)
All Shall Perish: The Price Of Existance

Sound — 9
This band is amazing, and probably my favourite CD that I own. I've seen them live and it was hands down the best show I've ever been to, along with the fact that they played with The Red Chord. But let's talk about the sound of this album. What's not to love about it. It has everything a metal lover wants: death growls, sweep picking, pig squeals, killer double bass and insane riffs. As soon as I heard 1 or 2 songs these guys grew on me immidiately and I've probably listened to this CD a good 10, 15 times. This album smokes HMR just in quality of sound it just knocks you on your ass right off the bat. Only complaint was it seems to be cranked up naturally loud so you have to adjust your volume.

Lyrics — 10
Herman is one of the best vocalists in the scene right now, lets pray he sticks around for a while. The guy has so much range and his gutteral screams are just too good for words. Probably the best example of this is on "Prisoner of War", my fav song from the album, the way he screams his guts out on the outro. And the lower growls sound amazing because he is so good at it, he has the natural talent for it, not just posing like so many other death metal bands. The lyrics are awesome and really are well thought out.

Overall Impression — 10
Again, not much else needs to be said, you need to own this album, whether you're a fan or are just plain into one or 2 songs, it's definately worth it believe me. It was worth the almost 30 bucks I had to pay to get it shipped in because they didn't have any in stores. I didn't mind though because I had to have it, just too good a CD to pass up. Best songs are def Wage Slaves, Day of Justice and Prisoner of War, We Hold These Truths isnt too bad either. The whole thing as a piece is simply great. This is my fav CD at the moment so if it got lost or stolen someone better get me a new one or they'd have a deathwish.

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    From the creative, innovative, demented minds of All Shall Perish comes one of the most brutal, bone-crushing, and sheer hatred driven album. Although some songs begin softly, don't be fooled by its brutality later one. Guitar work is amazing while drums are just as fantastic. Vocals are ridiculous as well.
    i've got to say this album was more in technical guitar riffs, while hate, malice ,revenge is much more heavier and Brutal!