The Price Of Existance Review

artist: All Shall Perish date: 06/18/2008 category: compact discs
All Shall Perish: The Price Of Existance
Release Date: 2006
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genres: Death Metal/Black Metal
Number Of Tracks: 11
The gently sweet "Interlude" helps to heal a few wounds, but just enough so listeners don't have to pay too big of an emotional cost for The Price of Existence.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.8
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overall: 9.7
The Price Of Existance Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 22, 2007
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Sound: This band is amazing, and probably my favourite CD that I own. I've seen them live and it was hands down the best show I've ever been to, along with the fact that they played with The Red Chord. But let's talk about the sound of this album. What's not to love about it. It has everything a metal lover wants: death growls, sweep picking, pig squeals, killer double bass and insane riffs. As soon as I heard 1 or 2 songs these guys grew on me immidiately and I've probably listened to this CD a good 10, 15 times. This album smokes HMR just in quality of sound it just knocks you on your ass right off the bat. Only complaint was it seems to be cranked up naturally loud so you have to adjust your volume. // 9

Lyrics: Herman is one of the best vocalists in the scene right now, lets pray he sticks around for a while. The guy has so much range and his gutteral screams are just too good for words. Probably the best example of this is on "Prisoner of War", my fav song from the album, the way he screams his guts out on the outro. And the lower growls sound amazing because he is so good at it, he has the natural talent for it, not just posing like so many other death metal bands. The lyrics are awesome and really are well thought out. // 10

Overall Impression: Again, not much else needs to be said, you need to own this album, whether you're a fan or are just plain into one or 2 songs, it's definately worth it believe me. It was worth the almost 30 bucks I had to pay to get it shipped in because they didn't have any in stores. I didn't mind though because I had to have it, just too good a CD to pass up. Best songs are def Wage Slaves, Day of Justice and Prisoner of War, We Hold These Truths isnt too bad either. The whole thing as a piece is simply great. This is my fav CD at the moment so if it got lost or stolen someone better get me a new one or they'd have a deathwish. // 10

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overall: 9
The Price Of Existance Reviewed by: avengedEVANfold, on june 18, 2008
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Sound: To be simple: the whole band has amazing talent. I must mention the bass solo in "There Is No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet", The drum work on "Prisoner Of War", vocals on "Wage Slaves", and Guitar into on "We Hold These Truths". Amazing. 01. Eradication - a great opener to a great album. The only question I have to ask, is how the hell do they play so fast? Especially the sweep scale that is always being reprized, that no one can seem to figure out on this site. Vocal range is amazing. 02. Wage Slaves - my favorite on the album. Eddie really pushes his throat to the breaking point, and it gives it a great little touch with a monster breadown for an outro. On the downside, there's really nothing special about this song. It's just pretty much a long breakdown, and an awesome breakdown at that. 03. The Day Of Justice - strong influences of metalcore here. The china cymbol at the beginning is like a siren, warning you of battle. What I'm saying, is that this song is great from start to finish, including harmonies, and a good amount of a "bree bree" thing goin' on. 04. No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet - again, the lyrics have an actual meaning to them. Also, insane Drumming from Mike (as always). I mentioned the bass solo, and if you see it live, your face will not be intact after it. Only thing to say is that the song is very short, coming in just over 3 minutes. 05. Better Living Through Catastrophe - this is one of the few songs I haven't listened to much. The middle of this song is a metal masterpiece, with the small harmonies, and attention to detail in the drumming. 06. Prisoner Of War - the beginning shows that All Shall Perish can be very melodic, and know when to switch it up. When the band kicks in, the dualing guitar parts can really get you going. And finally, when Eddie gives his growl, I don't want to be anything, but punch babies. It's that good. 07. Greyson - Ben Orum's son was named for this song, and it is absolutly beautiful. Again, guitar harmonies give you something to listen for. No vocals in this one, which adds to this epic ballad. Then an almost jazzy solo kicks in. Again, short song. Only about 2 and a half minutes. 08. We Hold These Truths - Taken From The Declaration Of Independence, believe it or not. The guitarists switch it up a bit, by ditching the typical chugging riff. And I must say that the beginning leads you the think that these men are very well educated when it comes to music. 09. The True Beast - another one I haven't gotten the time for really. Insane amount of double bass. Amazingly Heavy. Definatly buying on iTunes soon. Again, short. Barely over 3 and a half minutes. 10. Promises - mixed feelings about this one. When the vocals come in, it sounds very bare with the guitar parts. Very simple. In my opinion, it almost sounds rushed. 11. The Last Relapse - one word: beatiful. The Snare roll just adds so much to it, and leads it the orchestra and piano parts, followed by a male choir and Eddie singing and screaming. Very well done. Even includes an acoustic (yes, acoustic) section in the middle. I love how even after this song gets heavy, the piano is still present. Great ending song too. // 9

Lyrics: I was suprised to find that this is one of the only heavy bands with good lyrics, with and actual meanins. "Wage Slaves" is pretty obvious, and the lyrics state things like "they have turned our falure into what they mean". Eddie has really outdone himself. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall Impression, buy this CD. ASP is definatly a different bread of metal, deathcore, death metal, whatever you want to call it. They are different, in the sense that they know so much about music in general, and can make it heavy when they want to. If it were lost or stolen, I would sit and cry. // 10

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overall: 9.7
The Price Of Existance Reviewed by: DarthKarth, on december 26, 2006
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Sound: All Shall Perish is a fresh outlook on current and boring metal. With demonic growling, brutal mids, terrirfying his, and even girlish screeching, the vocals alone are enough to drive parents insane. I can't tell, but from what I can hear, he also inhale brees on songs. I can; t tell the difference most of the time. The guitarists are both extremely talented with pick sweeping and solos behind nonstop riffs galore. How they do it, they only know. The drums are amazingly clear among the awesomeness around them. He keeps his own with double kicks and overall awesome riffs within a deeply thought out album. Each intstrument of disaster is mixed beuatifully. I have not heard this good of a death metal album since, I can't remember! // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics appear to just spill from nowhere. Brutally written hand in hand with the music to blend into what might be compared to brass knuckles on an ogres hand. However, it gets a little old after 2-4 times. The singers skills are second-to-none. I have never heard such a vocal range in one song than from anyone else. Why this guys aren't as big as Cannibal Corpse or Lamb Of God is beyond me. // 9

Overall Impression: This album is definately a step up from Hate, Malice, Revenge. Clearer, more thought out song progression and structure. Well mixed and drawn out perfect timing with all instruments make this band a must see live. Most impressively is the song Eradication. It showcases all of the members' talents while not overshadowing each other. The music video itself is a work of art, though, admittedly, not the most original video from the death metal scene. This album is definately a must-have for people who enjoy any kind of dark metal. A headbanger's delight, a mosher's dream, and a hardcore dancer's fantasy. This album has something for the demon in you! // 10

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overall: 9.3
The Price Of Existance Reviewed by: Magero, on may 06, 2008
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Sound: Well, this seems to be an album that people either love or loathe, so I thought I'd throw in my opinion. I found All Shall Perish through a friend who recommended them to me when they found out I like Job For A Cowboy. I had a listen on their website and I was suitably impressed. The song There's No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet really caught me, so I picked up a copy of the album. After my first listen, I was impressed, but it was a throw away sort of thing, nothing to grab me. Then I played it again, and payed attention. Wow. The difference hit me. Starting with Eradication, the album just slams you in the face and doesn't let up. The fact is, whether people like it or not, these guys can f--king play. I mean that, they can really f--king play. Matt Kuykendall is easily one of the most inventive drummers I've ever heard, and I'm a technical death metal fan. He always seems to know when a beat is getting boring, and when it needs a fill or a run. His use of gravity blasts in There's No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet is immensely effective despite the idea of a gravity blast being a common thing in the more chaotic styles of death metal (Eg: Nile, Cryptopsy, etc). The great thing I found on this album about Matt, was that even during breakdowns, he knew when it need some diversity, so consequently, when most bands would just have the double kicks follow the guitar's standard chug-chug, he throws in random fills and kicks to make them stand out a bit more. He is truly an underrated drummer. The guitar work on this album is catchy, to the point, riffage. There's a few solo's that show off their insane ability, but most of the riffs do that anyway (see Eradication). It shows how much a band can improve with a new guitarist, when they went from slam you into the wall deathcore, to this refined, almost technical death metal (Almost) sound in one album. The bass is pretty straight forward, but does get a few show off points (see There's No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet) just to prove he's still there. // 10

Lyrics: The vocals on this album are the true highlight. Eddie Hermida has one of the most intense vocal ranges I've ever heard in metal, right up there with Matthew Chalk of Psycroptic and Devin Townsend of SYL fame. He switches from immensely low gutturals to ear-shattering screams in a split second and even throws in a few pig squeals for good measure. For a true example, listen to Wage Slaves, where Eddie climbs his entire range for the first breakdown. The lyrics are brilliant. Some of the most meaningful and well thought out lyrics in a genre noted for seemingly being filled with such gems as "She bled from every f--king hole". (sarcasm, I hate deathcore lyrics, which makes these brilliant lyrics stand out even more). Favourite line from the album is the ending to "There is no business... " which is "What good is all the money when there's nothing left to buy?". A poignent end to a brilliant song. // 9

Overall Impression: The production is damn near perfect, with everything clear and defined, while the guitar tone is perfect. The drum tone is extremely triggered, but not in a bad way, as it adds to the sound. There are a few bad points to this album just to be fair. Some of the riffs do tend to blur together. It's a bit short at only 30 minutes or so. And the breakdowns do get a bit repetitive. All in all however, this album is a shining beacon of deathcore and I'm hoping these guys can improve on it even more with their next album. // 9

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