This Is Where It Ends Review

artist: All Shall Perish date: 06/06/2012 category: compact discs
All Shall Perish: This Is Where It Ends
Released: Jul 29, 2011
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Nucear Blast
Number Of Tracks: 12
The only good deathcore album in current existence.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 6
This Is Where It Ends Reviewed by: EpiExplorer, on august 01, 2011
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Sound: In a nutshell? Better than you'd think, but there's always better bands. So, you know me, I generally and genuinely don't like deathcore. Even if its been re-worked to sound "different", it still sounds like condoms to my ears. All Shall Perish are a little bit different. Despite doing the whole routine of ultra-low, b00tzy br00tz stuff (low tuned guitars, growl/scream vocals, breakdowns, the whole 8 string malarkey, that sort of thing), they're the only band I've ever heard to do deathcore properly. By properly, I mean make it a legitimate genre and not some other music fad that'll be gone some time soon. This is because of two things: Their guitarists. I've always stood by the idea that bands adding melody to deathcore would at least make it less tedious to listen to, but "This Is Where It Ends" sort of mocks all other deathcore bands who try it with a "I'm much much better than you" sticker on its chest. Not only is it actually melodically well written (this album is actually more melodic than 99% of all deathcore I've heard), the guitarists are technical as hell. Usually deathcore gets shtick because of the "lazy" (or just awful) guitar playing, but this duo shreds, riffs and harmonizes better than quite a few technical death metal bands. Perhaps lacking in the same technicality for all instruments (the drumming is somewhat under-whelming by comparison and the bass guitarist makes no effort to be noticed on the album at all), but by no means dull. The riffs maybe a little "similar" in a sense, so you might have heard some influence from Devildriver, Lamb Of God, Gothenburg metal, a chunk of 80's/90's death metal, but I guess it shows they're diverse and don't stick to the whole palm muted B diminished minor 6th chord (or whatever, I don't know balls on music theory). They also throw in some ATG style acoustic guitar bits, and even a piano segment on "The Past Will Haunt Us Both". But then again, it'd just be so so much better without breakdowns. Even with their admirable attempts to make them interesting (some seriously tight fills going on), it all ends up being yet more open string, chuggy chuggy, psuedo-polyrhythmic, fruitlessly idiotic F# notes with some string bends, divebombs and maybe a pinch harmonic for added br00tz. Somehow a metal album that's stuck at 70bpm for half the time doesn't quite work. // 6

Lyrics: If death metal is (more often than not) openly raging against religion, then deathcore is a bunch of agnostic apologetics. ASP has the sort of lyrics that try to portray a message, but end up losing themselves in "we wills" and "you wonts" (and various interchanges there-upon) and "this table is making me angry, lets chug some chug with a couple of swear words". But seriously, apparently there isn't enough anti-belief system lyrical content floating around in metal, I guess the only thing to do is to add more! Now, really seriously, Hernan Hernia or whatever his name is isn't that bad a lyricist. Perhaps the idea was a bit clich, but there are many ways to make it sound a bit different (like most deathcore music, aha. Anyway). For example, the first track "Divine Illusion" (I don't have much trust in the reliability of the source of the lyrics) has lines like this: "You must fear your maker or else you'll plummet down. For your salvation blindly follow them into his words. We'll purify you. You'll suffer no pain within his hands. Just bow your head, show your lament, and soon you'll understand." Now Hernan is perhaps not the best vocalist to have ever existed. Well, he tries. Despite some love affair with sounding like a 12 year old girl screaming for a hairbrush, he does some decent low-end vox, and can pull them off live without covering it in bass. He even tries his hand at the Jaz Coleman style of "trying to growl and sing at the same time and sounding a bit like Lemmy"... Thingy. It actually works, not only does it not sound rubbish, but it enhances the tasty guitar work going on (on the few occasions he does it, at least). There's also some amazing clean vocal line on the last track that came out of nowhere. Just thought that should be mentioned. Oh, there's also some person from some dead band called Despised Pinecone who doesn't do anything on a song somewhere on the album. Just thought it should be mentioned. // 5

Overall Impression: Well, personally, I haven't heard much deathcore that shows this level of progression, technicality, song-writing, forward thinking, sweet guitar jammage or appropriate use of 8 string guitars in anything death metal related. That goes without saying, a bit contrived, but bands claiming to be "progressive deathcore" don't hold a candle to ASP. Would I buy this album? No. Would I buy their other albums? No. Would I go see them live? No. But would I call them bad? No. Behold, the only good deathcore album in current existence. Songs to look out for: "There Is Nothing Left", "Procession Of Ashes", "Spineless", "The Past Will Haunt Us Both", "Rebirth", "In This Life Of Pain". // 7

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overall: 10
This Is Where It Ends Reviewed by: wbjackson517, on june 06, 2012
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Sound: This album is awesome. ASP have the deathcore tag but with the release of "This Is Where It Ends", they show sheer thrash talent mixed with very well played death metal. Anybody that listens to or plays metal has to recognize the outrageous talent of the musicianship. Francesco and Ben are insanely awesome guitar players. The drummer is a monster and everything is well played and very tight. I can't believe anybody that likes metal would not love this album! // 10

Lyrics: The songs are well executed and bring back memories of Old School metal. ASP have a similar sound to Testament from back in the day. And they are from the bay area in CA. "This Is Where It Ends" is chock full death metal/deathcore/thrash and nothing here send out of place. My Retaliation opens with... "I hope to see you f**king diiiiiieee!" Maybe a new metal anthem. Brutality comes in different forms here. Short bursts the song "Spineless" and longer more varied brutality in "The Past Will Haunt Us Both". The closer, "In This Life Of Pain" has an awesome piano-laden intro and finishes the album nicely. // 10

Overall Impression: There really is nothing here that sucks. Some of the standouts are "My Retaliation" and "Into This Life Of Pain", but again, no losers here. I am not sure if you can pin the deathcore tag on this band. This album has a more thrash/ death metal feel to it. I love this whole CD from front to back and I would definitely buy it again of it was lost. If they are labeled as deathcore they are miles ahead of their peers. ASP is going to tour with Whitechapel and Hatebreed and I believe they are as good as either of.those bands. Better than most of the recent "core" releases. These guys should be kicking our asses for a long time to come. // 10

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