...For We Are Many review by All That Remains

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  • Released: Oct 12, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (88 votes)
All That Remains: ...For We Are Many

Sound — 8
As most bands progress and mature, over the years their sound will change. With the latest All That Remains release, For We Are Many is a continuation of the sounds they have been forging since The Fall of Ideals and more similarly - Overcome. For We Are Many is most likely an album that will cause many people to complain about the once death metal band going for a softer metalcore route. For someone who enjoyed Overcome extensively, For We Are Many was a pleasant listen. Instead of packing every song with hardened guitars, growling vocals and deafening drums, the band has again incorporated softer and more melodic work into their songs. Don't get me wrong though, they haven't completely relinquished the heaviness that the fans enjoy. Labonte continues to employ deathly deep growling, vibrant singing, and the standard metalcore screams. Herbert and Martin also continue with the signiture All That Remains guitar sound, packing it with harmonies, vibrant solos, and the all too familiar palm-muted breakdown style rythym that follows the bass kick.

Lyrics — 8
For We Are Many contains twelve new tracks. 01. "Now Let Them Tremble" [Intro] 02. "For We Are Many" 03. "The Last Time" 04. "Some of the People, All of the Time" 05. "Won't Go Quietly" 06. "Aggressive Opposition" 07. "From the Outside" 08. "Dead Wrong" 09. "Faithless" 10. "Hold On" 11. "Keepers of Fellow Man" 12. "The Waiting One" The lyrics and singing style follow the same pattern previous albums have - as said before, most similarly to Overcome. For a personal opinion on lyrical content it's of course best to interpret them for yourself. A personal favorite is actually a single released from the album "Hold On" which has a chorus that found it's way and got stuck in my head for a while. "Some Of The People, All of The Time" is another catchy lyrical track. Labonte, again, combines multiple vocal tracks at once to portray a lot of the lyrical parts, having singing over screaming and vice-versa. He also has deep growling parts like before, and has continued to combine varied vocals to complete the songs.

Overall Impression — 9
For We Are Many was, in my opinion, a good album. I know already it's going to receive criticism about being softer, or even just that it sucks because it's metalcore but there are those who would absolutely love it. Again, I find it very similar to their last album Overcome, and am happy they kept with the sound they had there. My favorite thing about the album is what I've always liked about All That Remains - the vocals and guitar work. I love the incorporated vocals that always seem to fit the guitar perfectly. It's a great quality release, suggested for any metalcore fan and of course, any All That Remains fan.

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