...For We Are Many review by All That Remains

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  • Released: Oct 12, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (88 votes)
All That Remains: ...For We Are Many

Sound — 9
The intro, "Now Let Them Tremble" is a masterpiece of musical art which leads into "...For We Are Many" is probably one of the best intro/leading songs I've ever heard. It has the classic hardcore/metal sound with a little something different in the mix. By a little different I mean, it's a little more melodic (For all you younger males). If you wish you had a brother, let your little sister listen to this album. She'll probably grow some chest hair and a penis and kick your a-s. This album is that manly. So get to the gym younuns.

Lyrics — 9
The vocals flow with the music better in this album more than the others. There is a great blend between singing and screaming. The lyrics really speak to the audience compared to the other albums. I don't know what Philip Labonte has done with his voice but it has improved dramatically.

Overall Impression — 9
If you like the other All That Remains albums, expect to have your mind blown. ...For We Are Many is a solid album that will leave you in a trance until the final drumbeat. My top three songs on the album: "The Waiting One", "Now Let Them Tremble/For We Are Many" and "Hold On". The only part of the album I do not like is the fact that you can't fit 30 tracks on a CD.

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    I'm very disappointed in the direction this band took after The Fall of Ideals. 3 minute songs (at most), more and more singing, which would be fine if Phil was an amazing singer, but his strength lies in his ability to do so many different kinds of harsh vocals. Why can't they just release something that balances brutality with melody? Not since The Weak Willed and Six have they blended genres so effectively, and not since This Darkened Heart have they released an unpredictable album.
    Im here with ya on this...saw some live videos of them. Not impressed at all with his ability for singing. Screaming was nice, but yeah, im not at all sure what direction theyre trying to head in. Lets just hope this new album does well. Although, upon listening to "Stand Up" I thought was very generic and boring.