Overcome review by All That Remains

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  • Released: Sep 16, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (161 votes)
All That Remains: Overcome

Sound — 8
First off All That Remains (ATR) has been a constant presence in my music library since the release of The Fall of Ideals. ATR has to me, a different sound compared to the majority of the "Metal-Core" genre. What hooked me to ATR in the beginning was the balance of clean and unclean vocals. This was probably because of Adam D. from Killswitch producing The Fall of Ideals, because compared to their previous album This Darkened Heart the balance weighed to the unclean vocals, and a less polished music sound overall. Don't get me wrong I like This Darkened Heart, I can just really see the growth and progression ATR has made in the last few years. The one thing that impresses me the most about ATR is Phil's voice is the range of unclean vocals and the surprisingly melodic sound of his clean vocals. I'm becoming more convinced that the reason for the change to more melodic vocals is because the strain hardcore singers put on their vocal chords. M. Shadows has had surgery for torn vocal chords, and so has Matt from Bullet for My Valentine. Maybe more unclean vocalists will start to lean towards finding a balance to save their voices? Only time will tell. On to guitars, Mike Martin and Oli Herbert have shown that they are indeed one of the strongest guitar duo's of our time. Jason Costa has continued to surprise me as a drummer, as he has progressed he seems to get tighter and more polished for type of music he is playing.

Lyrics — 9
This is one of my favorite things about ATR. Phil in my personal opinion is one of the best lyrical writers in the genre. The Fall of Ideals showed some fantastic writing, and it has only gotten better in Overcome. My favorite track by far has to be 2 Weeks. It shows some of the lighter, more "motivational" side of Metal. With lyrics like "I could see it as you turned to stone, Still clearly I can hear you say, Don't leave, don't give up on me, Two weeks and you ran away, I remember don't lie to me, You couldn't see that it was not that way, Swear I never gave up on you" Not to mention the way he goes about this song vocally just puts the icing on the cake. Some have argued that his voice is becoming weaker, I disagree. I believe that this is the progression that ATR has chosen to do, and so far for me, it works. Other notable songs on the album are Undone, Forever In Your Hands, Chiron, and Days Without. Do Not Obey, Relinquish, and Overcome are more "old school" ATR that will please most ATR fans. However I am not a fan of I Believe In Nothing. it's a cover, I understand that, but I would rather have seen them write their own ballad.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall this album is my favorite of theirs to date, I love the change up on the vocals. This has some radio friendly songs, which I hate to say. But I think this album shows more of their image, other than The Fall of Ideals which seemed to be more of an Adam D. project. This album isn't raw, but more medium-rare. They have gone back to their sound, but have improved on just about every angle. I know there will be fans out there that will hate this album. This year there have been so many bands that have released "different" records that tend to split critics down the middle. Saying you will love it or you will hate it. This album is different, however saying you would rather see a band release the same album over and over again with different song names than grow and refine their sound is refusing to respect them as musicians. So go out pick Overcome up and give it a listen, I'm sure just about everyone will find something they like about this album.

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    kaizerkhan13 wrote: amazing album. ATR never fails. and i guess no one could her the bass in Not Alone except me, cuz i thought the intro was pretty sick.
    I totally agree! If I played bass I would learn it.
    decent album, but definitely not as good as their previous 3. Vocals are WAY over-layered.
    This album is definatley better than most people are giving it credit for. The screaming in before the damned is very weak, but apart from that an amazing album. Two weeks is the best song by far, some will disagree but ATR do the melodic songs without screaming well and should do more. Best album yet because it is the only one that mixes singing and screaming this well.
    how did this album manage to only get an 8 overall? this album is almost as good as fall of ideals and i still consider it a masterpiece cuz literally every song is worth listening to. this breaks my heart. overcome is ****ing incredible.
    amazing album whether your an All THat Remains fan or just a fan of metal and great guitar melodies. The solos oli plays still amaze me and are a great inspiration to guitar players like myself. !0 out of 10 for me.
    JMan 240
    ellessdee wrote: im not toofamiliar with these guys so this is the first album i have from them. i really tried to enjoy it, and i did the first go around. the guitars and the drums are impressive. you can tell they have a good feel for eachother. BUT phil labonte is an idiot. the vocals are so average its amazing. you can tell this idiot has tribal tattoos. i dont know if he does or not, but hes so gay it sounds like he does. these guys suffer from Bleeding Through syndrome. siiiiick musicians, but an idiot frontman. bleeding trhough syndroe..nice lol
    You seem to forget that Phil was also the Vocalist for Shadows Fall when they where starting out. He wasn't what they where looking for but all the guys in Shadows Fall have admitted that he is a great singer. He may not be quite as constantly brutal in his delivery as guys like Brian, but he's still a great vocalist. You people need to learn there's more to metal than just ****ing screaming your head off. As I can remember it didn't exactly start out that way now did it, so why should every single song be like that. So, for future reference, check your ****ing mouth before talk about something you admit you know nothing about, not a good strategy. ----- Genre Classifications are NOT metal, so quit using them.
    the production is kinda dry... not as clear as on their earlier stuff. it seems so trebly. i feel like atr might have sold out... this darkened heart and the fall of ideals were just so much better. this albums still pretty good tho
    Dr. Love777
    this has band has some of the cooliest guitarists ever this album is a good example of their awesome playing
    Fist of all anyone who rates this album a perfect 10 is a fanboy. Some of the songs are cool and most of the solos are very well done, but not all the songs are great imo. Just let me say this; I'd rather buy an album with 5 awesome songs, than an album with 11 when half the songs are album fillers. And that's the impression this album left me with. There is plenty of talent in this band and a lot of potential, but the album as a whole wasn't that good.