Overcome review by All That Remains

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  • Released: Sep 16, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (161 votes)
All That Remains: Overcome

Sound — 9
Overcome is the latest album to be released by metalcore band All That Remains, the album was released on 16 September 08. I pesonally think it's one of the best albums ATR have ever released. As opposed to their previous albums, they took a different road with a new producer, and more emphasis on their singing and guitars, rather then full blown metalcore. This album is the first to be released with drummer Jason Costa (ex-Diecast) in it. His drumming skills are part of what made this album what it is. His style is one of the best I've ever seen, and his bass drumming is the backbone to his amazing skills. Oli Herbert has stated that his leads have been improved when it comes to speed and technique, which I agree with him 100%. My favourite solo to watch, is Chiron. He does very well to write the music how he does. Mike Martin has also made a great achievement in the rythm section. His blazing sounds that he makes are what makes songs what they are. Jeanne Segan, well although she's an amazing bassist, her sound is held back by the other instruments, unless I'm deaf her talent isn't being shown as much as it should.

Lyrics — 9
Like I said, this is one of the best albums ATR have ever released. I was impressed at Phil Labonte's vocal range, I think it's really versatile that a singer can switch between harsh vocals to a soft melodic tone. The lyrics are well written to me, but I think the main part of the songs is Phil's tone, they make it sound better then it should be. it's mainly hung around the topic of fear, anger etc. Which I think makes it sound more personal, and interesting.

Overall Impression — 9
This isn't like their previous albums, so there isn't as much of the heavier sounds your used to. This isnt to say that it's not a great sounding album, because it's something everyone should check out. What makes it sound like a great album is the characteristics of guitars, drums, bass and vocals mixed together. I strongly recommend it. If it were lost, well I have every track on my ipod, but if that and the CD were lost, I'd get it again without a doubt. Well done ATR.

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    Fantastic album. I put it right up there with The Fall of Ideals. It seems that for most people, their opinion of the album comes down to their preference of the balance between singing and screaming. Personally, I could do without any screaming at all (although I don't really mind it), so I love the fact that they've incorporated more singing into these songs. The vocal melodies are their best to date (by far), and that really sets this album apart for me. Guitar work is amazing as usual. As a guitarist who has covered several ATR songs, I think their work on this album surpasses most of what they've done before.
    I put a review in here, but i disagree with ppl about their previous album. They have moved on from that, and they chose themselves, as well as with the help of the producer Jason Suecof, that they wanted to change the direction, into some more singing and more interesting tone that they make. So stop criticising. If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to listen to it. So stick with TFOI, but the band has moved on, and so should you.
    ellessdee wrote: im not toofamiliar with these guys so this is the first album i have from them. i really tried to enjoy it, and i did the first go around. the guitars and the drums are impressive. you can tell they have a good feel for eachother. BUT phil labonte is an idiot. the vocals are so average its amazing. you can tell this idiot has tribal tattoos. i dont know if he does or not, but hes so gay it sounds like he does. these guys suffer from Bleeding Through syndrome. siiiiick musicians, but an idiot frontman.
    average?! he has like 6 different vocal styles in each song. how the hell isa that average?
    Yeah I def gravitate more to The Fall of Ideals. This album is def more technical, and also a little bit more melodic. Keep on make brutal metal ATR \m/
    firstly, I bloomin love this album i find the clean vocals in it such an improvement. To the people who moan about the clean vocals, why? As much as I love the whole screaming etc thing I like being able to understand the lyrics to a song. ON another note i think the guitar work on this album is so amazing I really wanna see these guys live
    I love ATR. I've seen then live 4 times now. But this is BY FAR their WORST ALBUM. Its not the old ATR like on the Fall Of Ideals that caught my attention. And yes, I admit, Phil has skillz to do like 4 diff vocal styles on each song, but wtf guys? For anyone familiar with Trivium, this reminds me of how Ascendancy was a kick ass, skip no songs album. Then The Crusade came out and It was SO different. It is still okay, but def not as good as Ascendancy. Overcome is okay. I would much much much much rather listen to the FAll Of Ideals anyday tho.
    A Song For The Hopeless is a tight track...love the acoustic intro with the solo in the background