Dirty Work review by All Time Low

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  • Released: Jun 7, 2011
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 5.4 (57 votes)
All Time Low: Dirty Work

Sound — 6
All Time Low has been one of my favourite band since "Put Up Or Shut Up". They were Pop-Punk back then but now they went for making unicorn-poop-pop-girly-music. I know it sounds like I'm a "hater" but that is not really true. I've listened to this album several times and I wanna love it, but I just can't! Even though there are a few catchy songs which go in to a little more Rock direction like "Do You Want Me (Dead)?", "Heroes" or "Forget About It" the overall Sound of "Dirty Work" is and always will be POP. I remember reading an interview with Alex Gaskarth, where he said they wanna ditch the "unicorn poop" sound that "Nothing Personal" had. But in the end they made it even worse. Songs like "That Girl" sound like they could have been written by the Jonas Brothers and it's just sad! I don't wanna b-tch about All Time Low even if it maybe sounds like it. Now I will take a look on each song. 01. "Do You Want Me (Dead)?": one of the best songs on the record. It starts slowly but picks up really quickly and there's a riff in it which I really dig. 02. "I Feel Like Dancing": at first I didn't like this song at all but later that day I was singing it at the top of my voice. A catchy song. AWFUL LYRICS! 03. "Forget About It": my favourite song. Great Chorus and a easy but awsome guitar solo. 04. "Guts": a example for what this record could be. If every song on "Dirty Work" could show this kind of creativity I would love it. Its a new sound but it doesn't try to appeal to 12-year old girls. 05. "Time Bomb": I remember listening to a demo of this song on YouTube. Nice melody and I liked it but ATL ruined it with all this delay and weird effects they put on Alex' voice. 06. "Just The Way I'm Not": decent song. Nothing special. Lame excuse of a verse but the Chorus is a sing-along though. 07. "Under A Paper Moon": an ok song. Not one of the best but still ok. 08. "Return The Favour": weird mix of ATL and Panic! At The Disco with Piano and strings. Not bad but you have to get used to it. I think it just doen't match with the rest of the record. 09. "No Idea": slow song which isn't bad of course. But this is just awful! No catchy melodies, no good lyrics... I really hate it. 10. "Daydream Away": reminds of "Remembering Sunday" but it can't live up to that potential. 11. "That Girl": like I said earlier - sounds like it could have been written by the Jonas Brothers. Moreover it got some really crappy lyrics. 12. "Heroes": a proof that they CAN still write fast pop-punk songs! It got a heavy bridge and a great Chorus -> I love it! 13. "Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me": weird but cool beginning. I really enjoy the guitar riff but the chorus is kind of a let-down. 14. "My Only One": this is like "No Idea" -> Awful... I can't say more. 15. "Merry Christmas Kiss My A-s": catchy song which had been released before. I like it! 16. "Bad Enough For You": nice melodies but the lyrics ruin the song. The sound of this whole record doesn't really appeal to me but there are a few songs which are ok.

Lyrics — 3
Alex Gaskarth is one of my favourite singer and that hasn't changed much. There was a live video of "Under A Paper Moon" on YouTube ven before the album came out and both versions sound almost the same. BUT I've never heard such awful lyrics. Just "I Feel Like Danicng", "That Girl" or "Bad Enough For You" show the lack of creativity here. "That girl she's such a b-tch" - I mean... What is that?! And I think it's really sad it the lyrics kind of ruin a song.

Overall Impression — 7
I'm torn. There a few songs on "Dirty Work" which I don't want to erase from my ipod anymore but there are also so many weird and crappy effects and melodies which just compleatly ruin the album. Most impressive songs from the album would be: "Do You Want Me (Dead)?", "Forget About It", "Heroes", "Guts". I wouldn't buy this record again. I just would download my favourite songs from iTunes because there's too much useless junk on this album. This is a let-down even if you're a fan. It's not bad - It's just a disappointment.

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