Dirty Work review by All Time Low

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  • Released: Jun 7, 2011
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.4 (57 votes)
All Time Low: Dirty Work

Sound — 8
Sound: When I first got into the American music scene All Time Low was one of the first artists I heard and they have become my favorite band and I have followed them grow from the early works of "So Wrong It's Right" to the brand new album "Dirty Work" and I must say. I'm very pleased with the new sound. There is a good mix of the original All Time Low sound that everyone loves and then we have new sounding songs like "That Girl" and "Daydream Away". I'd agree with Alex Gaskarth about the album being a lot more grittier. And I will admit it does sound a lot more mainstream but don't most albums when a band releases an album on a major label? Altogether the new sound really suits the band!

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics: 01. "Do You Want Me (Dead)": Brilliant, strong start to the album. Very catchy chorus. Lyrics are very All Time Low like but also quite mature. Great start 02. "I Feel Like Dancing": Possibly the most catchy song on the entire album. I personally think that the lyrics are very good for a parody song. Alex and Rivers did a great job writing this song. Brilliant song. 03. "Forget About It": A definite different song for All Time Low. Different style riffs, Guitar Solos and a different style lyrics. Yes it does follow the standard Pop-Punk idea of a relationship but the lyrics show it in a completely different way to how All Time Low usually show it. Alex's vocals on this song are brilliant in my opinion. 04. "Guts": This is one of my favorite songs on the album. I find that every aspect of the song is amazing and makes me want to hit the replay button over and over again. I find the chorus is one of the catchiest choruses I've ever listened to. The lyrics 'is this what it feels like, finding out that I've got the guts to say anything' are very easy to relate to in any circumstance. The vocal melodies are exceptionally good even when Maja comes in. It makes a good change for ATL. 05. "Time Bomb": Loads of people give this song a massive load of grief when they review it and I don't get why. YES it is a Simple Plan song originally. But could you really imagine Simple Plan performing it? It just wouldn't go. The lyrics are cheesy but aren't most All Time Low Songs? The vocal lines are very good as well. 06. "Just The Way I'm Not": This is a very different type of song for All Time Low. I think it is possibly the most Mainstream song on the whole album but it is a very good song anyway. The chorus is very catchy. The whole music is very well fitting to the lyrics as well. Altogether a very strong song. 07. "Under A Paper Moon": Another one of my top songs on the whole album. The chorus is one of the most powerful choruses in the whole of All Time Low's history. The lyrics are very powerful as well. Simple. But powerful. I think this may go down as one of the songs ATL use live a lot more as it stands out so brilliantly. 08. "Return The Favor": This song is brilliant. All the genres mixed into one song makes this song another standout on the album. The lyrics are a lot more mature than what we are usually used to from All Time Low but are still brilliant and stand out a lot. Great song. 09. "No Idea": This song I am quite mixed on because every time I listen to "Dirty Work" I sometimes shut off on this song. It is a good song and has very mature lyrics that people can relate to but it's just not one of my favorites. 10. "Daydream Away": Great song. Took me a few times to get into it but I did in the end. It is a very tight song with some great melodies. The lyrics are very powerful. The only line that isn't is about the douchebags. Otherwise it is a great song. A top song by ATL. 11. "That Girl": Love it. It's cheesy. Really poppy. Just an all round great song. The lyrics are very strong. It does remind me of Mcfly in a weird way and it is an obvious change for All Time Low but it is fantastic. Really strong song. 12. "Heroes": One of the closest songs to the original All Time Low stuff which I think people can actually relate to. Mainly the chorus. Loads of people can relate to "You're not a hero, you're a liar, you're not a savior, you're a vampire". And lines like "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer". The melodies are like traditional melodies Alex would do so it sounds brilliant. Great Album closer.

Overall Impression — 8
Comparing it to the last ATL albums. I do believe that "Nothing Personal" is still the best but "Dirty Work" shows they are growing up and maturing out a lot more. There are songs on this album that will compete with songs such as "Weightless" and "Dear Maria, Count Me In". I love the whole concept of the album though. Most of the songs are about relationships either going sour or not actually happening and they are all shown in completely different ways. I also love the new sound. They sound even more tight than they were which means they are going to be a lot stronger on their next major album. I can't really find anything I really hate about this album as it is a strong album like each album before it. All Time Low are just great songwriters. The definite leading songs on this album are: "Guts", "Under A Paper Moon", "Daydream Away", "Heroes". All around though. "Dirty Work" is a very good album!

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    r0ckth3d34n wrote: blake1221 wrote: This album was complete and utter shit. This. Does not touch Nothing Personal, and that CD blew compared to So Wrong, It's Right.
    Double this. And The Party Scene was a killer album. How can these guys now in their mid 20's make more and more poppy music and stand to play shows for younger and younger girls. Pretty sure they've lost most if not all their male fans. At least we have blinks new record and another new found glory record to look forward to.